Lambeth becomes seventh borough council to sign 'Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling' pledge

Lambeth has become the latest council to sign our Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling pledge, bringing the number of boroughs boosting lorry safety to seven (see the map).

Council leader Lib Peck (centre) posed with Lambeth Cyclists' Charlie Holland (right) outside Lambeth town hall earlier this month.

Sadly, the news came just days after the death of a cyclist in Westminster, struck by a left-turning lorry in Victoria Street.

Lambeth has committed to giving all its lorry drivers on-bike cyclist-awareness training (pictured above), to using the latest safety equipment on all its lorries, and to building these conditions into all future contracts with private sector haulage providers.

Council leader Lib Peck said, "Lambeth Council is delighted to have signed the London Cycling Campaign Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling pledge, committing to only using the safest drivers and best-equipped lorries.

"Back in 2008, Lambeth was the first borough in London to introduce on-bike cyclist-awareness training for our lorry drivers, and we're pleased to maintain our position as one of the leading boroughs for lorry safety in the capital."

LCC lorry expert Charlie Lloyd said, "We're thrilled that another council is taking significant steps to reduce the risk to cyclists from its lorries.

"Contractors, vehicles and drivers who work for councils also work for other clients, so councils that make safety a priority are helping to create a culture of safety throughout the whole haulage industry.

"We urge other councils to follow suit, and all our supporters to write to their council, calling on them to take our pledge."


Brilliant, well done LCC and well done Lambeth.

  • By SophieD at 9:43pm 11 April 2013

Shows what you can do when you have the support of the leadership. Lambeth have been doing great things for cyclists for years.

Lib Peck the Leader of Lambeth Council is an LCC member and four or five other members of the cabinet also are regular cyclists.

Not so much doing the Lambeth Walk as doing the Lambeth Cycle

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