LCC-sponsored Urban Cycle Cross race promises fun, thrills and spills at this year's London Nocturne

The Urban Cycle Cross race, organised by the London Cycling Campaign, takes place at the London Nocturne on Saturday 8 June 2013 will involve 40 amateur riders navigating a fabulous inner-city circuit featuring a series of purpose-built obstacles.

Marketing Manager Lucy Cooper said, "We can't reveal yet whether racers will have to swerve around car doors or jump over the dreaded 'cyclist dismount' signs, but we guarantee the race will be tough and fun at the same time.

"Think Wacky Races, IG London Nocturne-style. Whether you're a Penelope Pitstop or a Dick Dastardly, if you're over 16, have a bicycle of any kind, and you're up for a fun challenge, our Urban Cycle Cross race is open to you."

"And remember ours is the least expensive race on the day to enter (only £15), and every entrant receives a goody bag, with a cash pot of £125 on offer."

The London Nocturne at Smithfield Market will also see the final leg of our Tyre Change Time Trial (see below), where you can win a Genesis Flyer single speed bike worth £600.

Urban Cycle Cross race details

Mixed men and women over-16s race: a tarmac race over 10 laps which involves carrying bikes over barriers, detours and man-made 'urban' obstacles. Enter today

LCC tyre change time trial

If you're not racing, try your hand at winning a Genesisi Flyer at our Tyre Change Time Trial, where individuals race to change an inner tube.

The person at the top of our leader board will win this magnificent bicycle from Genesis that combines style and functionality in a great package.

After a brillant first showing at SPIN London with an amazing red Genesis Flyer to be won. See you there.


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