LCC volunteer success in Hackney

Cycle enthusiasts turned out in force on behalf of LCC to volunteer at the Tour de Hackney on Sunday 18th August 2008.

Under occasionally bright sunshine, Hackney enjoyed its first borough-wide free cycling event, part of the week-long Shoreditch Festival.

Most popular were the guided rides, where groups of families, children and novice cyclists were led by experienced cycling instructors and LCC marshals around a short course taking in various green and urban locations around Hackney.

Green spaces and the Olympic Park

A longer route, taking in green spaces and areas near the Olympic Park site, was also marshalled by LCC volunteers and staff, and was popular with more experienced riders.

LCC volunteer and cycling enthusiast Tom Cleverley said, "It was a pleasure to help out at such a successful event. I saw kids as young as three years old riding around the short course. Yeah, some of the riders were a bit wobbly, but with all the marshals and instructors giving them confidence, they all made it around the route. Hopefully, London Freewheel will get even more Londoners out on their bikes."

Great way to meet like-minded people

Along with the guided rides, there was loads of bike-related entertainment and stalls in Shoreditch Park and at various points around the routes, including ones staffed by LCC staff and volunteers.

LCC Communications Officer Mike Cavenett said, "This was the first event I've attended since joining LCC, and it was great to have the chance to get out and meet locals, members and volunteers taking part in such a fun and worthwhile day. It was a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and do something good for the community. Those cold beers in the park at the end of a busy day tasted pretty good!"

Shoreditch Festival volunteers enjoying the Tour de Hackney

Over 50 LCC volunteers helped make the Tour de Hackney an incredibly successful cycling event. The 'veloteers' acted as as static marshals at strategic locations around the routes, and as bike marshals, helping to guide novice riders and families around the borough streets.

For many, this was their first experience of marshalling at an event. Helped by warm dry weather and large crowds (over 4000 people took part in the guided rides), all the volunteers claimed the day to be a roaring success.

Helping novice riders and meeting people

Volunteer Helen Bray said, "It was great to have a fun day out in London and do something really positive. I met loads of like-minded people, and got a real buzz from watching some of the less experienced riders wobbling around the routes. Without our help, some of the riders might never have got on a bicycle today."

LCC communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "This was my first LCC event, but certainly not my last. It was great to be part of a really successful day, and those cold beers in the park at the end of the day were really welcome."

LCC is currently looking to recruit volunteers to help at London Freewheel on 21st September 2008.


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