LCC's Tyre Change Time Trial


Try out London Cycling Campaign’s latest challenge – quickest time for changing a bike tyre.

Round 1 was at SPIN London (where our stand won best in show!). Over 70 people competed to be on the leader board but only 11 can be – round 2 is at the Nocturne on Saturday 8th June.

The game

It’s simple, deflate the tyre, remover the inner tube, put in a fresh inner tube, inflate to 90psi and hold the wheel up. Making sure the metal ring and valve cap are on. You can only use the tools provided and all referee decisions are final. You can try as many times as the referee allows. Fresh tyres will be used for round 2 (Continental Ultra Sport tyres on Shimano wheels, if you want to know)

Fastest time wins the red Genesis Flyer pictured. Second and Third prize too. Don’t worry if you don’t have the strong thumbs and nimble thing fingers of a tyre changing master. There are random prizes for entering, prizes for flare and determination and mini-competitions for up to four people. Comedown and show us what you’re made of. 

Time to beat is Peter K’s, of the London Bicycle Workshop, 1 minute 26 seconds.

Thanks to Genesis bike and Shimano for sponsoring the competition and supplying the prize and equipment.

Will the defenders come back to stay on the leader board? Will newcomers rise to the challenge and beat the times on the board? Come down to see London Cycling Campaign at the Nocturne to try your hand……..

Another reason to come to the Nocturne is LCC’s inaugural Urban Cycle Cross race – open to all non-professionals.



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