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  • By abby at 1:10pm 3 May 2012


Letter to the Editor,

Addison Lee drivers, in my experience cycling in London, as I encounter them on the road, are rude and agressive to cyclists and pedestrians.  They never yield.  They never allow space.  They drive too fast.  My experience of Addison Lee divers is a clear personal history that predates this current story about bus lanes and taxis.  Such uniform entitlement driving has to be a corporate culture that must be either articulated in meetings or disseminated in some other well understood way.  In fact I also find Black Cabs to show predatory space driving with llttle respect for other, weaker road users.  I would have thought the termonology, "Professional Driver" meant considerate.  The difference between road hogging, fast city driving and measured, considerate driving is: 40 seconds nfrom Point A to Point B, if that much.


Abby Taubin

264 Upland Rd

London SE22 0DN


020 8693 1597



  • By pfdsmyth at 11:16pm 24 September 2015

Letter to the Editor,

Highway Code, Turning Right Rule 180:

Wait until there is a safe gap between you and any oncoming vehicle. Watch out for cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and other road users. Check your mirrors and blind spot again to make sure you are not being overtaken, then make the turn. Do not cut the corner. Take great care when turning into a main road; you will need to watch for traffic in both directions and wait for a safe gap. 

There is something bad about the junction where New Change meets Cannon Street near St. Pauls Cathedral.

Traffic travelling southbound on New Change in the right-hand lane, turning right into St. Paul's Churchyard often seems to be in the belief that they have right of way over oncoming vehicles. In the last month, on too many occasions to be funny any more, that oncoming vehicle has been me on my bicycle, pedalling north out of Distaff Lane into New Change.

Until today, it has always been car drivers that have made the erroneous assumption of their priority at the junction.

This evening it was another cyclist, who greeted me with 'fucking idiot' as I got in his way.

For me, that's one moron too many.

Please can you tell me who I should contact to request a sign be mounted upon the relevant traffic light reminding vehicles turning right that they are required to give way to oncoming vehicles?

I realise this may take some time, so for the moment, I'll be walking my bike over the junction at the pedestrian crossing. 

I've been lucky so far, but that's no basis for safe commuting. 


Rule 180 people. 

Don't be a moron, learn the highway code.



Sincere regards


Paul Smyth





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