Advice for travelling around London during 2012 Olympic Games

During the Olympics and Paralympics the bicycle will remain the best and most reliable and fun way to get around London, to visit the games and especially to get to Olympic cycling events.

•    Getting around London (and new cycle parking locations)
•    Getting to the games (including led rides)
•    Olympic cycling events

When you ride

Prepare Make sure your bike is in good condition. It will not just make your journey safer but much more fun and effortless.

Use our journey planner or the London Cycling Guides and check for closures and diversions.

Don’t rush The streets will be busy. Take it easy and hold back to avoid conflict. It will make you and others more relaxed and you won’t lose that much time. It is always a good idea to get cycle training.

Take extra care around lorries Drivers of large vehicles will find it difficult to see you. Help them by staying away from the danger zone near the front left of the vehicle. A wide gap between the vehicle and the kerb is often an indication that the driver intends to turn left. Information about HGV safety.


  • By GeorgeG at 9:28am 26 July 2012
The lack of thought that has gone into the Olympic lanes is frightening. I came in on CS8 along Millbank this morning: the blue paint is still there but the cycle signs have been blacked out. Drivers don't know where they are supposed to go and as a result are passing cyclists dangerously close, because they are not willing to stay behind them but are worried about straying into the Zil lane. This is going to get someone killed.

I agree. I came round the front of Buckingham Palace on Thursday morning and the road markings did not make it clear to me that i could no longer be in one of the right hand lanes - this only became obvious to me when a bus came straight towards me.

I hate to moan but i think that cyclists have been very poorly served by all the changes to the various routes associated with the Games. Cycling from Paddington to Victoria became a nightmare at the end of the week. Safe routes now no longer available; Hyde Park itself hideous and dangerous because of the sheer weight of numbers of people on foot, on bikes, on roller blades and the like. And, it seems from the latest update from TfL that Hyde Park itself at Hyde Park corner will be exit only from 1000 till 2200 - how are we cyclists supposed to enter the park to journey northwards? I am already dicing with death as i cannot use Bird cage Walk, Constitution Hill, etc etc.

I brought a bike into London in March in response to the campaigns to help ease travel during Games time and feel somewhat cheated. It makes it hard to be absolutely wholehearted about the Games.

All that said, it is great to see London so energised by all the visitors and wasn't the Opening Ceremony just fabulous. Loved the cycling doves.

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