London Assembly members from all four main parties to join call for people-friendly streets at Blackfriars


Prominent London Assembly members from all four main parties - Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green - will join the Blackfriars flashride organised by LCC for Wednesday 12 October.

Andrew Boff (Con), Val Shawcross (Labour), Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dem) and Jenny Jones (Green) will join the vast crowds expected at the demonstration in favour of people-friendly streets.

Over 400 hundred people have already signed up to say they're coming, and hundreds more are expected on the day.

The demo is supporting LCC's vision for cycle-safe and people-friendly streets, at Blackfriars junction and across the capital.

  • Andrew Boff is the Mayor's special advisor on cycling
  • Val Shawcross is former chair of the London Assembly transport committee
  • Caroline Pidgeon is the current chair of the transport committee
  • Jenny Jones is the Green Party's mayoral candidate and former deputy mayor 

London Cycling Campaign chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "Already a majority of Assembly Members from all parties have asked Mayor Boris Johnson to think again on Blackfriars.

"Now politicians from all the major parties are endorsing our plan to revitalise Blackfriars and the rest of London's streets."

All Londoners, with bikes or on foot, are urged to join the demo to show the Mayor and Transport for London the strength of opposition.

Demo details

Meet at 5.45pm, outside Doggetts Pub, on Wednesday 12 October, and from 6pm a peaceful ride will take place as thousands of people show their support for a safer junction.



It is all very well having protests so that politicians can turn up for much loved “photo opportunities”, and they will, but what we need is real action.

It is well known, and widely documented, that Transport for London is unaccountable, but there is one organisation to which it is theoretically accountable – the GLA Transport Committee. Amongst other things, that committee is explicitly charged with examining and reporting on the strategies and policies of Transport for London.

As already noted above, three of the key political activists are on that committee yet it appears to be impotent w.r.t. TfL, largely because it chooses to be so. It lacks cojones. It is high time that the Transport Committee exercised its powers and called TfL to account by cutting its teeth on this one.

  • By Austen at 8:37pm 11 October 2011

Thanks for that - I've just e-mailed my Assembly Member, Steve O'Connell, about this, asking for his support and influence.  He happens to sit on the GLA Transport Committee and wrote recently asking for a meeting with Croydon Cycling Campaign to discuss the Big Society!  Let's hope he can help us with this.

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