London Cycling Awards 2007

The award winners Credit: Adrian Lewis

More than 25 projects were nominated for the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) awards, which recognise the best contributions to the increase in cycling in London. The awards were presented at LCC’s annual general meeting on Tuesday October 16. Clare Neely, who chaired the judging panel for the London Cycling Awards 2007, said: “What is so exciting about these awards is they show the excellent work that is going on across London to encourage cycling. It made it very difficult to choose the winners.” 

Best Cycling Initiative for Children

Signing in Deaf Club won the award for Best Cycling Initiative for Young People or Children Credit: Signing in Deaf Club

A West London club which helps deaf children develop their cycling skills won the London Cycling Award for being the Best Cycling Initiative for Children.

The Signing In Deaf Club, which was set up in September 2005, organises specialist training for children to help overcome balance difficulties associated with deafness. It also organises regular cycle rides for the children.

Shortlisted: Stratford School Bike Club; Kamal Ahmed of Ensign Youth Club.

Best Cycling Facility

London Borough of Hackney won Best Cycle Facility Credit: Trevor Parsons

The winner of the Best Cycling Facility was the London Borough of Hackney for its “permeability” project. This ground-breaking scheme aimed to remove obstacles which hampered cycling, such as raised kerb-stones at the start of a cycle route.

Shortlisted: London Borough of Waltham Forest for their Note to developers on cycle parking in residential developments; London Borough of Havering for the cycle route through Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch.

Best Community Cycling Initiative

Wandsworth LCC won for their Movers and Shakers project Credit: Susie Morrow

Winner of the Best Community Cycling Initiative was the Movers and Shakers project, organised by Wandsworth Cycling Campaign. This novel and effective scheme helped improve the understanding and perception of cycling by providing on-street cycle training for “opinion-formers” in Wandsworth.

Highly commended

Bikeworks won a Highly Commended award Credit: Davey Miller

Bikeworks, a not-for-profit company based in east London, was also highly commended in this category. It works to encourage cycling among people with disabilities and other excluded groups.

Shortlisted: Penrose for their project to promote the psychological, social and physical benefits of cycling to their service users and staff.

Best Workplace Cycling Initiative

Transport for London Workplace Cycle Challenge

Winner of the Best Workplace Cycling Initiative was Transport for London for its London Workplace Cycle Challenge 2007. More than 340 organisations, including the Carphone Warehouse and GlaxoSmithKline, signed up for the challenge to encourage more cycling among employees.

Richard Kramer, who was also on the judging panel, said: “There was an incredible range of projects. There were more than 13 nominations for the Best Community Cycling Initiative and it was very inspiring to see the breadth of work involved.”

Shortlisted: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for their staff travel plan.

Presentation by David Brown

David Brown, Managing Director of Surface Transport at Transport for London, spoke at the AGM Credit: Adrian Lewis

The event was preceded by a talk from David Brown, the Managing Director fo Surface Transport at Transport for London, who was standing in for Mayor Ken Livingstone who was unable to make the event due to illness. Mr Brown gave a good presentation on cycling which was followed by a question and answer session.


Passing a motion at the AGM Credit: Adrian Lewis

After the awards came LCC's AGM, which saw the following motions passed:

1. For some years LCC has offered membership to students, the unemployed and the retired at a concessionary rate. This has resulted in a number of students joining LCC who are under 18. The constitution currently states that only individuals 18 or over can be members of LCC. This motion seeks to amend the constitution to remove this anomaly. It is proposed that the wording in clause 4.2 (a) be amended from “any individual aged 18 or over” to “any individual”.

2. LCC now offers family membership. Presently, however, the articles (part of the LCC legal documentation) only allows for individuals or organisations. This motion therefore seeks to add a category of membership at 4.2 (c) to cover family membership and any other class of membership approved by the Board. It is proposed that an additional sub-clause 4.2 (c) be inserted to the constitution and this sub-clause, if approved, will read “The Board may approve any other form or class of membership consistent with the aims and objectives of LCC and subject to the same conditions as individual members at 2.4 (a)".

Minutes from the AGM will be posted in the 'About us' section of the website in the near future.


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