London Cycling Campaign advertises four new jobs to boost its staff team in readiness for 2014 campaigning

The London Cycling Campaign is recruiting four new members of staff – two full-time and two part-time – in order to replace a number who are leaving, and one who's going on maternity leave.

Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said:

"Campaigns, messaging and fundraising are crucial areas for us in the run-up to the 2014 local elections when we want to make the same kind of citywide noise that we did during our 2012 Go Dutch mayoral election campaign.

"Now's a thrilling time to be involved in London cycling, and we hope to attract candidates of the highest calibre to work in our friendly and professional team."

Activism Co-ordinator
A key role is that of our Activism Co-ordinator, who'll be in charge of engaging, motivating and equipping our volunteer base to take the fullest role in our 2014 local election campaign.

The candidate will need to be an experienced campaigner, problem-solver, a real people person, and passionate about effecting change in London.
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Marketing and Income Generation Manager
We're looking for a talented individual who'll cover for our current Marketing Manager while she's on maternity leave. This dynamic and talented individual will be an excellent manager and full of ideas on how to strengthen our marketing and fundraising strategies.
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In the run-up to the 2014 campaign, we're recruiting two part-time members of staff who'll be tasked with strengthening our messages and bringing in campaign funding. 

Marketing and PR Officer (PT)
Combining the ability to cultivate exposure in the media and to pitch LCC membership, services and products through the creation of slick materials and sharp copy – whether online or in print – as well as support the creation of effective mass campaign collateral.
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Corporate Partnerships and Appeals Officer (PT)
A clear-thinking fundraising all-rounder who has the acumen to scope opportunities for corporate sponsorships as well as the nouse to act as an account manager for partnerships. You'll also take charge of our appeals and regular giving plans.
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I have always been attracted to the London Cycling Campaign and I am much happy to hear that there are four new job openings for the staff members. Could you please tell me more on the procedure to apply for this job?

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