London Cycling Campaign and British Cycling remind Mayor of commitments to Go Dutch

The London Cycling Campaign and British Cycling have written a joint letter to re-elected Mayor Boris Johnson reminding him of his pre-election commitments to cycling, and to offer support in meeting those pledges. 

Read the text of the letter below or download it as a PDF.

On 27 April 2012, the eve of the Big Ride, Johnson promised to implement the three commitments of the Love London, Go Dutch campaign during his new mayoral term:

  1. Create three flagship Love London, Go Dutch developments on major streets or locations;
  2. Ensure all planned developments on main roads under his control are completed to Love London, Go Dutch standards, especially junctions;
  3. Complete the Cycle Superhighways to Love London, Go Dutch standards.

Johnson also committed to putting a cycling representative on his new Roads Task Force and to lobbying the Ministry of Justice for tougher sentencing for road users who kill or seriously injure cyclists.

At The Times cycling hustings, Johnson also committed to appointing a cycling commissioner within City Hall to make sure cyclists' interests are properly represented.

He also re-stated a commitment to use mayoral powers more fully to force unwilling boroughs such as Barnet and Newham to adopt cycling measures.

The hustings, which took place on 30 April 2012, were notable for the audience booing suggestions from the mayor that people on bikes in London are typically dreadlocked Lycra-clad racers. 

British Cycling survey endorses Love London, Go Dutch

In a British Cycling survey of London cyclists over half of respondents named cycle lanes as a priority issue.

Of the 1471 people polled, 52% said dedicated space for cycling on roads was a major issue, echoing the campaign aims of our Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

Six out of ten (61%) respondents named bad driving as their biggest fear when riding in the capital, while only 2% named other cycilsts as their top hazard.

Olympic gold-medal-winning cyclist Nicole Cooke said, "By creating more dedicated space for cyclists and fostering a culture of mutual respect, London could create a cycling experience that could one day rival great cities like Copenhagen or Amsterdam."

Text of the letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Mr Johnson,

Congratulations on your victory in the London Mayoral election, one in which cycling was a major issue as never before. We would like to wish you the very best in meeting the many challenges London faces over the next four years.

Please allow us to also reiterate our immense appreciation for your public pre-election commitments to appoint a cycling commissioner, put a cycling representative on the London Roads Task Force, and meet the three key tests of LCC’s Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

We also look forward to working with your Sentencing Unit to assist you in making representations to the Ministry of Justice to strengthen the criminal justice procedures and sentencing guidelines that deal with cyclist deaths and serious injuries. 

We stand ready to help in the delivery of these very important commitments and in particular would greatly welcome a meeting with you to discuss their implementation. We do hope you will be able to look positively on this request given your undoubtedly hectic schedule as you begin the next mayoralty.

Dr Ashok Sinha, Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign
Martin Gibbs, Policy & Legal Affairs Director, British Cycling


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