London Cycling Campaign condemns victim-blaming after sixth London cycling death in two weeks

The London Cycling Campaign has condemned the widespread victim-blaming after the sixth London cycling death in two weeks, after Mayor Boris Johnson used the issue of cyclists wearing headphones to deflect attention away from his inaction on junction safety.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "Telling cyclists to wear more high-visibility clothing and helmets, and suggesting deaths and serious injuries are related to cyclists wearing headphones is a distraction from the very real problems the Mayor needs to address.

"The most effective way to make cycling safe is for the Mayor to urgently address the countless poorly designed junctions that every day put hundreds of thousands of London cyclists in avoidable danger.

"The Mayor must also ensure that only the safest lorries and drivers are allowed on to the streets of Greater London."

The London Cycling Campaign is calling on the Mayor to redesign every major junctions in Greater London to make cycling a safe, comfortable and convenient experience for everyone, and is demanding he take immediate action to address Cycle Superhighway 2 from Aldgate to Bow. 

10,000 Londoners have this week used LCC's online web page to email the Mayor calling on him tojavascript:mctmp(0); take immediate action on Superhighway 2.

LCC also says every driver in Greater London should have on-bike cyclist-awareness training, and should only drive a lorries with the best safety equipment.

  • Metropolitan Police and Transport for London evidence shows that fault in two-thirds of bicycle-motor vehicle collisions in Greater London is attributed to the driver 
  • Londoners are encouraged to email the Mayor Boris Johnson using our web page
  • LCC provides cycling safety advice to all Londoners, particularly for cycling in the vicinity of lorries:


  • By anita at 4:19pm 19 November 2013

I've just challenged, filmed and photographed a car driver parked on a cycle lane in Gray's Inn Road (19/11/2013, just after 15.30), who said of course he knew that was a cycle lane and to leave him alone. He eventually claimed to be a police officer, but would not show any evidence. After my offer to put the film on Youtube, he got out of the illegally parked car, did show evidence, and gave me a reason for being there; he also threatened to arrest me. How do you attach photographs on this site?

This post was edited by anita at 4:48pm 19 November 2013.

  • By lee at 10:10am 21 November 2013

You say he gave a reason for being there?  If it was a policeman and he had a legit reason to be parked there, let it go dude.  You're fighting the wrong fight.

Hi Lee,

I fully understand the need to make cycling safer.

Cyclists that cycle safely can help make cyclinig safer for all road users. In my 30 minute walk to work from Brick land to Hatton Garden I vitually always see at least four or five near misses between bikes and pedestrians.

A small but significant minority of cyclists ignore traffic lights and crossings. Excessively speed on pavements and pedestrian areas, and have an agressive attitude towards pedestrials.


Please can you post photos to show and shame this behaviour, and make walking to work fun and safe again.

Thank you...

dari secara yang kami andalan semua motor jual besi cnp murah berlangsung pada pcm street solusi paling prima 2013

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