London Cycling Campaign members say Going Dutch will lead our 2012 mayoral election

(photo Amsterdamize)

Our members have voted for 'Going Dutch' to be our main campaign theme in the run-up to the 2012 Mayoral Election.

We asked members to vote from four activist-chosen campaigns:

  • Going Dutch: cycling space on main roads
  • Unwind: removing gyratories
  • Start Right: children cycling to school
  • Love Thy Neighbourhoods: doubling local bike journeys

Over half of all members who voted chose the Going Dutch theme, making it the clear winner.

Campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "We’re delighted to have our members directly select our major campaign for the first time.

"And we’ll be thrilled to lobby the mayoral candidates on your behalf for continental-style clear spaces for cycling on main roads.

"That’s not to say removing gyratories, getting kids cycling to school and
improving neighbourhoods aren’t important, though.

"All these issues form part of a progressive cycling vision for London alongside other Dutch-style facilities such as cyclist priority at junctions, reduced speed limits in residential areas, shared zones and ambitious parking facilities."

If you didn’t get a chance to vote this time, please make sure your email address is up to date with, so you can take part in votes like this in the future.


  • By dave at 5:50pm 5 August 2011

Both Boris and Ken will proudly say they have provided "space for cyclists", with lashings of blue and red paint (Cycle Superhighways and LCN). We want proper Dutch-style facilities, and I wish LCC would campaign for them, not something woolly like "cycling space on main roads", which you then say means more cycle parking, ASLs and blue/red paint, which would be utterly insignificant.

  • By mike_c at 12:26pm 6 August 2011

Give us a chance... we haven't started the campaign yet

  • By kaz at 8:06pm 7 August 2011

"Give us a chance... we haven't started the campaign yet"

Well why not? Your organisation has been in existance for decades with the same ridiculously failed vehicular cycling cobblers. Did it take this long to actually look around and realise you're getting exactly nowhere?

  • By bigpete at 8:25pm 8 August 2011

I joined the LCC when I heard about this campaign. I was so excited that at long last one of the "big three" campaign groups is finally going to be working for the only thing that will make the blindest bit of difference to promoting mass cycling in this country: segregated cycling infrastructure.

We all know what we need. Please don't let us down!

  • By JonF73 at 9:25pm 8 August 2011

Thank you for campaigning for:-

1) improved HGV safety

2) Blackfriars Bridge

3) Clear space for cycling on main roads in every borough

I was a member 20 years ago, volunteering doing the mag mail out.

I left because I didn't see any real campaigning going on.

As you are now actively campaigning, I have just re-joined the LCC.

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  • By Tomm at 2:30pm 17 March 2015

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