London Cycling Campaign recruiting volunteer 'Space for Cycling' campaign organisers for 2014 local elections

We're looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and creative volunteers to help us deliver our biggest and most ambitious campaign yet, as we launch Space for Cycling on the 2014 local elections.

Our Space for Cycling campaign aims to further harness the momentum generated by our very successful Love London, Go Dutch campaign, centred on the 2012 mayoral election. Find out more about our Space for Cycling campaign.

Download the job description

Thank you to those who have applied already. We are now particularly looking for people from the following boroughs (although still welcome volunteers from all boroughs):

Barking & Dagenham





Hammersmith & Fulham







We need ‘Campaign Organisers’ to provide our ‘eyes and ears’ in each of the London boroughs. Along with our Local Groups, you will help coordinate the borough and ward level campaigning that will aim to put cycling at the top of the local political agenda at the London Council elections in May 2014. In turn this will help to hold the Mayor to account for his election promises on cycling. 

You might already be an LCC member, or involved in one of our local groups, maybe you read our e-newsletters, perhaps you’re a cyclist who’s new to London, or maybe you enjoy campaigning on important issues and want to get some experience working on a big campaign.

We don’t mind who you are, as long as you care about making London a healthier, cleaner and happier place to live, where cycling is a choice for any Londoner who wants to ride the streets conveniently and without fear. 

What’s involved?

You need to be available to work on the campaign from January - May 2014 in your borough and some of you will need to be free on Saturday 18th January to attend a training day where we’ll talk about the campaign in detail and run through some ideas to help you plan. For those new to campaigning, we hope it will be a great way to get you started. 

Depending on how big your ideas are, we suggest that you’ll need to be able to commit from 2-3 hours per week. This could be more if you want to get really stuck in, or it could be less if you are working with others to get things done.

Please read the attached Role Description for full details of what we’re looking for.

If you don’t have the right experience, but have the energy and enthusiasm to make this campaign a success, then we’d love you to still apply.

There will be plenty of ways to help us with this campaign in your local area, even if it’s not as an official ‘Campaign Organiser’. So if you think you'll have some time to spare between January - May next year to help other volunteers in your area, do get in touch on the email below.

How to apply

To apply (or find out more) please email with your CV and a short covering message outlining why you would make a great Campaign Organiser. Don't forget to tell us which London borough you live in. Please make sure you tell us how you meet the skills and experience we’re after if you can.



PLEASE CAMPAIGN FOR MORE CYCLING IN ROYAL PARKS in Westminster e.g. a designated cycle route close to but separate from the path parallel to Bayswater Road W2 and cycling on the wide Lancaster Walk would be a good start. Put barriers if necessary to stop cyclists on the hill down to the Italian Fountains from Marlborough Gate (as this was one of the Parks' arguments against).

In Kensington Gardens especially there are SO FEW places to cycle - basically the shared broadwalk N-S (often a nightmare avoiding little children, prams, pedestrians and dogs) and one E-W path south of the round pond. The Bayswater Road and other adjacent main roads are too dangerous especially for young or elderly cyclists and the anti-cycling lobby (the so-called 'Friends of Kensington Gardens' and others with plenty of time on their hands) are controlling the situation. There should be a balance - the park is for everyone "for the quiet enjoyment" as laid down in the constitution.

David Cameron used to cycle through Kensington Gardens after dropping off his daughter to school, before he became PM...


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