London Cycling Campaign says judge Mayor Boris Johnson on cycling after his first 100 days

The London Cycling Campaign has pledged to monitor the Mayor Boris Johnson's first 100 days in office, delivering a verdict on his cycling commitments after that time.

In the days before the election, Johnson promised to deliver the three Love London, Go Dutch commitments during his first mayoral term:

  1. Create three flagship Love London, Go Dutch developments on major streets or locations;
  2. Ensure all planned developments on main roads under his control are completed to Love London, Go Dutch standards, especially junctions;
  3. Complete the Cycle Superhighways to Love London, Go Dutch standards.

Chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "Our Love London, Go Dutch mayoral election campaign has been great success, delivering a mayoral promise for our Love London, Go Dutch commitments.

"The first 100 days of the new mayor’s term will be the most important because this is when he will make important appointments, set out new policies and allocate budgets.

"That's why we'll be delivering our verdict on his actions to promote Dutch-standard infrastructure after 100 days.

"We'll also be asking our supporters where they want the Mayor to deliver the flagship walking and cycling projects that he has committed to building."

Mayor brings cycling closer to his inner circle

The first post-election reshuffle of Boris Johnson's City Hall team has seen responsibility for cycling policy given to Isabel Dedring, his Deputy Mayor for Transport.

During the last administration, cycling policy was handled by Kulveer Ranger, who was Director for Transport Policy.

As Deputy Mayor, Dedring is one of the Mayor's most trusted advisors.

New composition of London Assembly

A reduction (by two) in the number of Conservative Assembly Members means the Conservative group will no longer be able to stop debates taking place. 

Twice in 2011, Conservative Assembly Members walked out of debates on cycling safety, citing unrelated conflicts with the Labour group, leaving the Assembly inquorate and unable to continue.

Brian Coleman (Barnet & Camden) and Richard Barnes (Ealing and Hillingdon) failed to be re-elected in their constituencies, with Labour increasing its representation by four seats, taking one each from the Liberal Democrats and the BNP via the list system.

Assembly Member Andrew Boff, a regular cyclist and resident of Hackney, becomes the new leader of the Conservative group.


How about organising an Even Bigger Ride to promote this?

(Although some time in September might be better than August).

Does Isabel Dedring ride a bike to work?

I believe Dedring does ride a bike to work, from time to time.

Mass ride on Whitehall , if he fails to create the flagshop sites, in September?

  • By mickj at 7:24am 18 May 2012

The early signs are not good. On Friday 11 May (the day you wrote) signs suddenly appeared in the Mall saying it would be closed from Monday 14 May for a month. This is a route used by thousands of cyclists every day. TfL has made no attamept at all to signal alternative routes (Hyde Park Corner?). And you will find nothing at all on the TFL website about this, just a vague mention in their stuff about the Jubillee that some roads will be closed for a period, with a link for further information to a DCMS site that is completely irrelevant. On this evidence, they simply don't care

the signs are if anything getting worse.  Hi viz jobsworths forcing the thousands of cyclists that use this route into the already overcrowded streets around Victoria or Piccadilly for no reason.  Absolutely no attempt to make a proper delineated route through Green Park for example.  Has LCC raised this with BoJo's office? 

Can we expect that LCC will be at this event in order that they start to ask how the first 100 days are going?



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