London Cycling Campaign supporters swamp City Hall with over 10,000 emails

London Assembly Members have received thousands of emails via the London Cycling Campaign’s online letter-writing tool, urging them to vote in support of raising the amount of money allocated to cycling in the Mayor’s budget.

According to an internal email sent by City Hall’s IT help desk on Tuesday morning, more than 10,000 emails were received in the preceding 17 hours.

The email suggests any Assembly Members “alarmed by the number of emails in their inbox” contact the support desk for assistance.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said: “Our supporters have made it very clear that they expect TfL’s cycling budget to match the election promises the Mayor made to emulate Dutch success in promoting cycling in our city.

"We very much hope that Assembly Members will listen and vote accordingly for this 40% cycling budget increase.”

Emails have been sent by supporters to all 25 Assembly Members, and support an amendment to the Mayor’s budget that would raise the percentage of money spent on cycling to 2% of the capital’s annual transport budget.

The amendment, due to be presented by Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones at Monday’s final budget hearing proposes increasing cycle spending by £41 million and reducing TfL’s £1.3 billion reserves by the same sum.

To be passed, the amendment will need the support of two-thirds of Assembly Members.

As there's no guarantee they will vote for the increase, we recommend writing to your Assembly Member to tell them why it’s important to do so.


I think Boris saw a great opportunity in cyclist voters!

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