London Cycling Campaign volunteers and staff take to streets to publicise our 2 Sept protest

View locations where 'Space for Cycling' protest ride flyers are being handed out in a larger map

Activists and volunteers are now taking to the streets to hand out flyers telling the public about our ‘Space for Cycling’ protest ride in central London on Monday 2 September.

Board member and cycling academic Dr Rachel Aldred was one of the first to volunteer, and has been recruiting fellow supporters via Twitter (using the #spaceforcycling hashtag).

Writing on her excellent blog, Rachel said:

“Every year, large numbers of people have been dying unnecessarily on Britain’s roads, and will continue to die, simply because our roads have not been made as safe as they could be.

"It’s not an issue for individuals to manage. It’s an issue for the politicians and the transport authorities at every level. This is why Londoners should support the LCC’s protest ride to demand safer streets.”

How can you help? 

  1. Put up a poster about the protest ride: download A4 poster
  2. Hand out flyers at a location of your choosing: download A5 flyers here or pick up pre-printed ones from our office. If you decide to hand out flyers at a new location, please mark it the place and time on our google map. Please also add your contact details so other volunteers can contact you directly to help. 
  3. Hand out flyers at a location already organised: see map for details and contact the organiser directly.
  4. Buy a 'space for cycling' T-Shirt here

Bike plates are 13cm-wide shower-resistant signs that can be attached to saddles/racks/spokes using cable ties or string (see photo below).

Details of the protest ride are on the reverse, so bike plates can also be used as flyers.

Our ‘Space for Cycling’ protest ride meets at Jubilee Gardens at 6pm (for 6.30pm start) and will ride through Parliament Square to tell Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron that Londoners need dedicated space for cycling.


I produced some "luggage tag" type flyers for a bike campaign here in Belfast - I found an old one (see photo).

It allows space for a message, but can be secured around the top tube or handlebars.

The design works well: four can be cut from a single A4, biodegradble, no extra fastenings required, but admittedly there can be a bit of cutting involved.

I'm an engineer rather than a designer :). The design is reasonably straightforward to create from scratch, but you're welcome to my original Indesign files if you want them.

Good luck



Hi Chris, 


Thank you very much for taking the time to make a suggestion, and attaching a photo. 


Its a good idea, but we're finding the bike plates are proving very popular, as they can also double up as spoke cards! 

(We also won't have the resources to cut and create 5000 luggage tags at the moment - maybe its something we can look at in future to have our local printers create :) )

  • By raif_s at 8:25pm 29 August 2013

Could you include a simple yet attractive link optimised for social media such as Facebook please? It'd be a lot cheaper and reach a lot more people than handing things out. Something with a picture of what we don't want (e.g. London's 'super'highways) and/or Dutch style infrastructure with a suitable text smippet. thanks

Optimally publicising events like this, where we need the numbers, is laudable.  But the contacts, feedback and info gained from 'handing things out' should not be underestimated.    All cycling campaigners need to stand at the side of the road several times a year.

(I now know that the peak time commuting coaches from Kent etc are using the Cable Street rat run.  That's a change in practise from a few years back.)


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