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What's inside the magazine?

Regulars include...

  • Columns (including our chief executive Koy Thomson and Guardian journalist Zoe Williams)
  • News on London cycling issues
  • Campaign actions
  • Favourite London ride
  • Letters
  • Local borough news
  • Rides & events
  • Books & culture
  • Competitions
  • Product reviews
  • Celebrity interviews

Recent features include...

  • Theft Five steps to beat the thieves
  • Permeability Easy ways to make streets speedier and safer for cyclists
  • Roller racing The cult sport sweeping the capital
  • Bike Polo What is it, and how to get involved?
  • Ride the Alps Organise your own classic Tour de France climbs

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Advertising and editorial contacts

Please contact us using the link below if you have an idea for an article, or would like to advertise in the magazine...


Hello. I am a Colombian journalist and I would love to write an article comparing the experience of cycling in London and the experience of cycling in Bogotá (the main city of Colombia). Bogotá has over 300 kilometers of bicycle highway network; and the amount of people who cycle in Bogotá and in London is similar. 

Thank you

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