London cyclist tackles 'Olympian' Alpine ride to raise money for friend killed by HGV in Dalston

In February 2011 London cyclist Dan Cox (pictured left) was struck by a left-turning lorry at Dalston junction while commuting to his workplace.

After a brave fight, he died in hospital of his terrible injuries.

Dan was described by his boss as "a future star of the art world" after his work as a promising young curator at a boutique art gallery in Hackney.

In his memory, close friend Daniel Barnes (above right) last year raised, with the help of LCC supporters, £7000 by completing the gruelling Etape du Tour bike race in the French Alps.

This year, Daniel has set himself an 'Olympian' physical challenge: to complete the 600-mile Haute Route sportive, with an astonishing 20km of climbing (more than the entire Tour de France) over seven days.

He's also set himself a massive target of raising £10,000 (he's reached £2500 already), all of which will be donated to our long-running No More Lethal Lorries campaign, reducing the danger to cyclists in London from HGVs.

Please donate today

Daniel said, "‘LCC has done a fantastic job in raising the profile of the dangers facing London’s cyclists, offering real-world strategies for solving problems, especially those around lorry danger.

"I hope the response from the cycling community now is as generous as last year, so we can raise enough money for LCC to continue to lobby the Mayor, Transport for London, local councils, the CPS, and businesses to provide more on-bike training for HGV drivers, stronger sentences for rogue drivers and hauliers, and install the correct safety equipment on large lorries."

Please give generously


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