London Cyclists urged to join Flashride across Blackfriars Bridge on Friday 6pm

London Cyclists from all walks of life will meet outside Doggetts at the south end of Blackfriars Bridge tomorrow (Friday 29 July 2011) to show their anger at the Mayor and Transport for London.

There'll be a slow ride across the bridge in each direction, with the ride finishing under Waterloo bridge some time before 7pm.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "London cyclists have said Blackfriars Bridge isn't safe; the London Assembly has voted to review the design; the Minister for Transport has agreed it isn't safe; even the Mayor has said that the bridge isn't safe. Why is nothing being done?"

LCC has written a letter to TfL's Managing Director of Surface Transport Leon Daniels asking him to explain why these works are taking place in the face of so much opposition.

Download and print a poster to bring to the Flashride

No more urban motorways A4 poster

No more urban motorways A3 poster

Boris, why aren't you listening A4 poster

Boris, why aren't you listening A3 poster

20mph limits save lives A4 poster

20mph limits save lives A3 poster



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