London's obesity crisis costing £1 billion per year in healthcare

photo A new report from the London Assembly, Tipping the Scales condemns the lack of action on obesity

A new report commissioned by the London Assembly's Health & Public Services Committee, shows that Greater London has the worst childhood obesity in the UK.

The report, Tipping the Scales, also reveals that poor health caused by obesity in adults costs the capital nearly £1 billion every year.

The cross-party report criticises Mayor Boris Johnson for not taking strong enough action to tackle the obesity crisis, despite the issue being named his 'number one health priority'.

LCC's Mike Cavenett said, "The fact that kids and adults all over the UK are growing more obese has been well documented for nearly two decades.

"Cycling and walking are a proven way to reduce obesity, but sadly it's now a rare sight to see a family riding ther bikes together on London's roads.

"Similarly, the number of children taken to school by car outnumbers those kids on bikes hundreds of times over.

"Road danger – both real and perceived – is a major deterrent to adults and children leading more active lifestyles by cycling and walking regularly.

"The mayor could address this by putting high-quality cycle tracks on the busiest roads, and reducing speed limits and blocking rat-runs in residential areas.

"Too often Londoners end up with sub-standard cycle facilities, which have limited scope to increase cycling above current low levels."


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