Long-term lobbying on roadworks bears fruit as Transport for London and Camden heed cyclist advice

Long-term lobbying of Transport for London and local councils around roadworks taking account of cyclists is finally paying off.  

Recent intervention by our local groups in Southwark and Camden has made sure roadworks on busy cycle routes consider cyclists' needs.

Tooley Street contraflow

Instead of the usual 'cyclist dismount' signs, the roadworks on Tooley Street next to London Bridge station (see above) provide a protected contraflow cycle lane heading east.

Motorists travelling in the other direction are warned by a large sign saying  ‘Narrow Lanes, do not overtake cyclists’.

Campaigns manager Tom Bogdanowicz said, "We've been sending photos of good-practice roadworks from other towns and cities to council officers.

"At long last councils are realising that consideration for cyclists is a real issue in these situations." 

Transport for London is the highway authority responsible for the measures, which were installed following discussion with Southwark Cyclists and the campaigns team.

The alternative would have been a long detour for cyclists around busy roads.

Camden roadworks success

In Camden (see photo below) plastic bollards have been used to create a protected cycle lane along the Royal College Street bike route, while roadworks take place.

Camden Cycling Campaign worked with with the local council to get the measures installed.

In the Netherlands, highway authorities invariably provide facilities for cyclists when roadworks take place.

Bogdanowicz said, "A recent example we saw in Amsterdam involved the installation of a temporary cycling and walking bridge across a city-centre canal to divert cyclists around temporary works.

"The still-rare examples of consideration for cycle users in London need to become a regular part of roadworks planning in the capital."


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The signs and contraflow bike lane on Tooley Street are brilliant. Thanks TfL for finally taking cyclists seriously!

Sounds good, it would be even better if they could do something similar on Newgate St between St Pauls and Hoborn Viaduct.

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