Lucky escape for female cyclist dragged under lorry at Blackfriars junction

Yesterday, a person with the Twitter handle @Pumpkii reported seeing a female cyclist being dragged under a lorry at Blackfriars junction, and somehow escaping unharmed.

The crash took place on New Bridge Street, on the southbound approach to the notorious Blackfriars junction.

It's reported that the cyclist and the lorry had set off from the traffic lights together, when the lorry crossed her path to turn left into Queen Victoria Street.

The lady and her bike were dragged under the lorry, and her bike was destroyed, while she walked away extremely shaken but unharmed.

LCC's campaigns officer Charlie Lloyd said, "Thankfully, that left turn into Queen Victoria Street won't be possible soon, but under TfL's current plans cyclists will still be squeezed into a 1.5m minimum-width lane at this point."

"This incident highlights the risks cyclists face when passing through busy, multilane junctions."

Please add your picture to our photo petition calling for a safer Blackfriars, with reduced danger for cyclists, including lower speed limits and a safer road layout.

@Pumpkii Twitter feed

Just witnessed a woman getting knocked down and run over by a truck on Blackfriars bridge. She walked away with a few bumps and scratches.
11 Jul

She is one lucky woman, honestly thought she was a goner
11 Jul

@OMGJonParker @blackfriars20 she was dragged under the truck around a corner. Her bike was totally crushed. Lucky woman.
11 Jul

@Blackfriars20 she was going southbound on new bridge st, she was alongside a truck at the lights,where it meets with Queen Victoria st...
11 Jul

@Blackfriars20 ... She was going to continue over the bridge but the truck turned east down queen Victoria st.
11 Jul

@afcGeorge she is about 25ish I guess.
16 hours ago

@afcGeorge yeah, she was very shaken up, with good reason! She is really lucky to be alive, she should buy a ticket for tomorrows lotto!
16 hours ago


On the same day July 11th there was another cycling accident involving a female cyclist being trapped under a large heavy goods vehicle on Northampton Row, just south of Russell Square. An air ambulance arrived and I am unsure how severe the injuries were.

  • By Jon at 10:22am 14 July 2011

I think it was unwise for the LCC to have published this without double-checking its veracity. This improbable accident, in which a woman was dragged along by a lorry yet walked away, has not been reported by any other media or blog, including those that have reported extensively on the Blackfriars campaign. Why is this?


It is true but the dates are wrong

It happened on 1st July 

And it was me

I was caught between 2 vans - one going straight on the other turning right

I was fortunate as the van on my left moved away as i could have been caught under it.

I fractured by heel and various other injuries

6 weeks later, still in pain but crutch free and weight-bearing

in the same day - a women was knocked over on London Bridge and unfortunately died of her injuries 2 days later

Black-friars Bridge is dangerous and complicated for cyclists - it needs reform to make it easier for cyclists to navigate through the heavy and fast moving traffic


And it has been noted by LCC - who used the incident to lobby for reducing the speed limit to 20mph once the road works are finished

The accident was also reported in the press and TV

  • By mike_c at 10:07pm 6 August 2011


I'm not convinced this incident refers to your very unpleasant crash. Twitter is a very immediate medium, and the dates don't marry with your well-documented crash.


It's perfectly possible for this to have happened without an accompanying media frenzy. No-one was injured or killed, and the victim could have jumped into a taxi and been out of sight minutes after it happened.

I've read first-hand accounts of cyclist being caught under lorries and walking away. Thank goodness not every crash ends in tragedy. 

fwiw, the story makes it clear that the source of this is a Twitter feed, so we'll allow readers to make their own judgements as to its reliability.

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