Major London property developers adopt Safer Lorries charter in partnership with LCC

LCC is celebrating another major success as a group of London’s biggest property developers have agreed a Safer Lorries charter, with the potential to make thousands of lorry journeys safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Signatories to the charter so far include IVG, Argent and Morrow-Lorraine Architects, companies that are involved in some of the capital’s largest building projects such as Kings Cross and 30 St Mary Axe (the 'Gherkin').

Working through their Cycle2Cannes charity group, senior property professionals collaborated with LCC to come up with the following conditions for all their new haulage contracts:

  • All lorries to have close-proximity sensors with audible warnings or cameras; full safety mirrors; prominent signs warning cyclists of the danger of undertaking
  • All drivers to have: approved on-bike cyclist-awareness training; licences that are checked regularly
  • All collisions to be reported to senior management immediately
  • All sub-contractors to abide by the same contract conditions.

To complement the Cycle2Cannes Safer Lorries charter, LCC is providing the best advice for people who cycle on streets with lorries.

Matt Mason, director of IVG and chair of Cycle2Cannes said: “As both cyclists and developers we’re in a unique position to understand the reality of cycling in on London’s streets and have the ability to influence real change through our contractors.”

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha said, “We’re delighted the private sector is taking a lead through its Safer Lorries charter, reducing the risk of lorry collisions for hundreds of thousands of cycling and walking journeys in London.

“Sadly, this lead taken by major developers highlights how little so many borough councils in London are doing by contrast to make our streets safer from lorry danger: it’s time for them to step up and sign our Safer Lorries pledge.”

If you haven't taken a minute to write to your council leader calling on them to take our pledge, please do it today.

Since 2006, a group of cycling enthusiasts within the property industry has organised the Cycle2Cannes charity ride, raising over £1.25 million for charities like Coram by taking part in an annual multi-stage bike ride from London to a major property fair in Cannes, France.

The Safer Lorries agreement by these major property companies comes just a few weeks after the Mineral Products Association agreed to put in place similar conditions for the 30,000 lorries operated by its members.

Earlier this year, Transport for London agreed Safer Lorries conditions for all its new new haulage contracts.

LCC is currently campaigning for every London borough council to sign our Safer Lorries pledge, bringing the safety of their haulage contractors into line with Transport for London and industry best-practice.

Write to your council leader today.

We’ve campaigned for many years to put lorry danger reduction at the heart of public policy for many years, including our No More Lethal Lorries campaign from 2010-11.


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