Mayor admits to Dorling family he was unaware of vital report on Bow Roundabout

Mayor Boris Johnson has admitted to the family of cyclist Brian Dorling, killed at Bow roundabout, and London Assembly members that he was unaware of a vital report by consultants on the dangers of the junction.

London Cycling Campaign chief executive Ashok Sinha said, "It’s a tragedy it has taken two cyclist deaths in three weeks to bring this vital report on the dangers at Bow to the Mayor’s attention.

"He must act immediately to implement the report’s recommendations to make the junctions safe."

The report by Jacobs Consultancy recommends signalised crossings for cyclists and pedestrians on two arms of the junction, together with off-carriageway cycle lanes.

On-site LCC and Transport for London representatives supported the recommended measures.

Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones has written to the Mayor asking for a clear and honest account of who made the decision not to proceed with the recommendations.

The Mayor has yet to make any commitment to redesign the highly hazardous junction at Bow. An internal review of Bow roundabout is due within "a few weeks".

Ashok Sinha said, “Every report and review of Bow roundabout has identified it as a hazardous junction that needs to be redesigned to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

"A further review will only delay the urgent changes needed to prevent further casualties."

TfL is commissioning an independent review of HGV design, operation and driving of construction industry vehicles.


'Being unaware' is no excuse. Boris is personally responsible for everything TFL does. He sets priorities, and standards, and decides what information he should see, and what other people should decide on.  He has cycled these superhighways and knows exactly how bad they are (and, in particular, how they lead cyclists straight into drivers' blind spots). He should man up (rather than trying to weasel his way out by blaming HGV drivers), take responsibility for his failures, and set things right. 

Regrettably these days everything has became personalised, Boris Johnson cannot be held responsible for everything.  He does not set standards, that is for professionally qualified people.  Unfortunately TfL has become a political animal where the deigners, traffic planners, and road engineers are relegated to second or even third place behind the spin doctors, media staff and political apartatchicks.   

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