Mayor names Greenwich and Vauxhall as first two 'Go Dutch' walking and cycling locations

Boris Johnson has named Greenwich and Vauxhall as two locations likely to benefit from a transformation into flagship walking and cycling projects, in accordance with his pre-election commitment to our Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

Bye-bye Vauxhall one-way system?

Vauxhall is frequently cited as one of London's most dangerous and least people-friendly locations, with up to five lanes of motor traffic forming a noisy and polluted one-way system.

The junction forms a major barrier to cyclists travelling between south London and West End, as well as to countless local walking and cycling journeys.

Lambeth Cyclists coordinator Charlie Holland said, "We welcome Vauxhall becoming a flagship 'Go Dutch' project and can't wait to see the thousands of primary and secondary children at the schools adjacent to the current one-way system cycling in comfort and safety from their schools across Vauxhall Bridge, along Nine Elms Lane, or along the Albert Embankment."

Greenwich to Go Dutch too

Despite being a hugely popular destination for overseas and UK visitors, historic Greenwich town centre is blighted by its one-way system and lack of pedestrian or cycling facilities.

Recent plans to remove motor traffic from part of the town centre were opposed by cyclists because they would have resulted in the area being surrounded by an even larger and more uninviting one-way system.

Johnson named the two locations in response to questions from the Green Party's Jenny Jones and the Liberal Democrat's Caroline Pidgeon, who quizzed the Mayor on his commitment to Love London, Go Dutch during Mayor's Question Time.

The Mayor restated his pre-election commitment to our Love London, Go Dutch campaign.

The London Assembly session was also notable for Johnson making unsubstantiated claims that around two-thirds of cycling deaths and injuries are the result of law-breaking by cyclists.

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