Mayor pledges 20mph across Olympic Park amid calls for higher standards for cycling facilities

Mayor Boris Johnson says the Olympic Park, a future hub of leisure ands sports activity in East London, will have a 20mph speed limit on all roads.

Writing to London Assembly member Jenny Jones, Johnson states “there will be a 20mph speed limit for all roads in the Park, including primary roads.”

However, LCC is calling for cycle tracks and lanes within the Olympic Park to exceed the proposed 1.5 metres  width which is the bare minimum allowed. 2m is the recommended  dimension  for a one-way safe and comfortable on-road cycle lane and separated wide cycle tracks are advised on busy roads Such best practice is commonplacee in countries that encourage mass cycling.

LCC’s CEO Ashok Sinha said:

“We welcome the adoption of a 20mph limit in the Olympic Park which will undoubtedly make it a more pleasant and attractive place to visit and enjoy.

To realise his vision of the Park as an international showpiece the Mayor must now ensure that all the cycle facilities in the Park meet the highest continental standards.”

In his letter to Jones, Johnson did not to commit to Dutch or Danish standards of cycling provision in the Park, saying only that the cycle lanes would “conform to [Transport for London’s] cycle design standards.”

LCC has examined planning applications for the Park and found that all the cycle lanes are set at the minimum 1.5m width in the TFL standards.

Off-road cycle tracks will be only on one side of Park roads, creating conflict at junctions and making crossing over more risky.  

Cycle parking for large events such as music concerts won't be integrated into Park plans and the Mayor is relying on “Event Management Plans” to deliver a solution.

As concert-goers know all too well, that often meets hunting around for the nearest railing.


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