Mayor puts Go Dutch on TfL agenda, so don't miss your chance to say where it should be implemented

Mayor Boris Johnson has written to LCC (see below) confirming he's told Transport for London to review our Love London, Go Dutch campaign to work out how its principles can be incorporated into the design of new cycling schemes in the capital.

Dutch cycling facilities typically use high-quality separated bike lanes and safe junctions on busy routes (see photo), along with pedestrian and cycle priority zones in residential and shopping streets.

40,000 people signed our petition in the run-up to the mayoral election, and 10,000 took to the streets on 28 April 2012 calling for "streets as safe and inviting for cycling as they are in Holland", prompting the Mayor to commit to our three Go Dutch promises.

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said, "We're delighted the Mayor has again confirmed his commitment to our Go Dutch campaign.

"If he and Transport for London adopt our campaign wholeheartedly, this is the commitment that will kick-start the long process of making all London's streets safe and inviting for anyone who wants to ride a bicycle."

One of Johnson's Go Dutch commitments is to create three flagship cycling and walking projects, and we're inviting Londoners to show on our map where they think is most in need of a continental-standard makeover.


We'll be presenting the results from our map to the London Assembly on 12 July, so don't miss your chance.

As well as promising our three Go Dutch commitments, Johnson's manifesto also promised to make "the most cycle-friendly city in the world" (p36).

There are still concerns that Johnson's manifesto commitment to "congestion-busting" and his 'smoothing the flow policy of speeding up motor traffic will conflict with his Go Dutch commitments.

And there are worries the provisos in the Mayor's letter (see below) could provide obstacles to continental-standard cycle provision.

In Johnson's letter to LCC and British Cycling, he also says he'll appoint a representative of a cycling organisation to his new London Roads Task Force, which will review the capital’s road network.

However, the letter doesn't mention appointing a cycling commissioner, which was also promised before the election.

Johnson has already announced that Vauxhall Cross and Greenwich are the first two flagship Go Dutch locations.


This is good news of course but he's said only the barest minimum and with enough wriggling room to drive a bus through.

He's not committed to anything. Only when I see Dutch-style infrastructure actually appearing on London's streets will I believe in Boris's cycling revolution.

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