North-south cycling route could be Thameslink for bikes linking Kings Cross to Elephant and Castle

A major north-south cycle route is being planned that will pass through Blackfriars Road and Blackfriars Bridge, according to the Mayor's Cycling Commissioner Andrew Gilligan.

Boris Johnson has already announced an East West cycling 'Crossrail for bikes' that will include separated cycle tracks along the Victoria Embankment.

According to sources in TfL, the north-south route is likely to follow a similar route to the Thameslink train service, linking Kings Cross and Elephant and Castle. 

Gilligan made his announcement at the high-profile London Cycling Summit on 1 August 2013.

Major changes to the Elephant & Castle junction were announced last month, and a revision of the Kings Cross one-way system is also expected.

At the conference, TfL's Ben Plowden also revealed that 18 out of 20 outer London boroughs have bid for mini-Holland funding from Transport for London

Outer London bids and protected cycling funding

Four or more projects will share a £100 million to create cycling and walking-friendly town centres in outer London locations.

Also at the London Cycling Summit, Gilligan quoted the Mayor as saying that funding for cycling in London would be protected, even though the overall Transport for London budget has been cut by the Treasury.


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