It's time to tell Southwark Council that London Bridge station upgrade will do nothing for cyclists

Two weeks ago, we told you how cyclists are being let down by Network Rail by its planned £1.2 billion development at London Bridge.

We've just submitted our objection to the planning application, which unbelievably says there'll be only a “moderate adverse” effect on cycling as a consequence of spending all that money.

Aren't Londoners entitled to think that an expenditure of over £1 billion would have a hugely positive impact on cycling provision in and around the station, preparing the city for decades of cycling growth, as predicted by our mayor?

  • The cycle route in Weston Street will disappear with no decent alternative
  • Nothing will be done about poor cycling conditions on Tooley Street
  • Nothing will be done about the junction at the southern end of London Bridge
  • The secure public bike parking facility at On Your Bike will disappear, with no guarantee of a replacement
  • Cycle parking will be provided at a level below the minimum recommended in a report for TfL

Object to the scheme

It's imperative that you tell Southwark Council not to accept a planning application that has a “moderate adverse impact” on cyclists or any other negative impact on cycle users.

You can use the letter below as a template or compose your own:

Dear Southwark Council,

I'm writing to object to the current planning application (number 11 AP 1987) by Network Rail for London Bridge because it fails to meet the council’s sustainability policies.

The development, as proposed, will have a major adverse impact on cycling, instead of improving conditions as should be expected of a £1.2 billion investment.

The application itself claims that it will have a “moderate adverse” impact on cycling.

The proposals will close the cycle route in Weston Street permanently; increase traffic and road danger on the Bermondsey Street cycle route;  remove cycle access to Stainer Street; and add to road danger by increasing motor traffic and construction traffic on all surrounding streets notably Tooley Street, Borough High Street, and London Bridge.

The applicants are also not providing enough secure cycle parking and propose putting some of it up to 10 minutes walk away from train platforms. 

Your faithfully



  • By Austen at 3:17pm 7 August 2011

Just sent an e-mail in response - but noted that consultation in fact closed yesterday, 6 August 2011.  More details can be found on Southwark Council's website

  • By PaulM at 7:58pm 9 August 2011

I think you need to tell us whether there has been a deadline for writing in to object to the scheme, or just a deadline for formal submissions by invited bodies. Otherwise, you havew dropped a b*llock here by offering a sample text on the very last day for comment, which no doubt most people will have read too late.

This is not an isolated case. LCC and - to be fair - other capaigning bodies are not very good at alerting people to processes like this in sufficient time to allow them to prepare and send in their objections


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