'Love London, Go Dutch' campaign gets an airing on BBC One Sunday Politics programme

Media interest in our 2012 mayoral election campaign continues to remain high, with BBC One's Sunday Politics programme the latest to send a journalist to the Netherlands to see how well their transport system works.

This comes just a few weeks after the Evening Standard sent one of their journos to Amsterdam for the same purpose.

In this instance, Sunday Politics reporter Andrew Cryan visited Groningen, the most successful cycling town in the world, while LCC trustee Mustafa Arif discussed our campaign back in the studio.

The report highlights Mayor Boris Johnson's pre-election support for our campaign, and his signing up to our three Love London, Go Dutch commitments.


  • By majupp at 2:48pm 15 June 2012

It's clear to me that we have to work towards changing the 'it can't be done here' conviction.   Stirling Moss's words have been said to me by managers of cycle shops!!

  • By Sabine at 6:19pm 30 June 2012

More traffic and no drastic changes: We can't go on like this. This needs to be changed.

  • By Fiza12 at 3:38am 7 March 2015

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