PASHLEY Poppy, £435,

This is another British-built, ‘Dutch-style’ cruiser that's made with a well-finished, traditionally lugged steel frame. The Poppy uses Sturmey Archer hubs brakes and three-speed hub gear (operated by trigger shifter), both of which have proved fuss-free.

The drivetrain is partially enclosed to keep your clothes clean and full-wrap mudguards provide excellent protection in the wet. The 26-inch rims are clad in  attractive and highly puncture-proof cream rubber (Schwalbe Marathons), while the sprung Brooks perch is both classy and supportive.

The swept bars and cork grips are nicely shaped, completing a comfortable cockpit that's happy on both shorter cross-town ambles or weekend pub crawls. It’s certainly a head-turner.

On the road, the Pashley’s efficient, rather than mind-blowing, with a set-up that encourages leisurely lopes rather than breezy blasts. Nevertheless, the ride is always balanced and confidence-inspiring.

Available in pink and blue, the Poppy comes in sizes 17.5in, 20in and 22.5in, with a two-year warranty. Be warned, though, that accessories like the basket, rack, kickstand and dynamo lighting can up the price fairly significantly.

PROS gears, saddle, tyres
CONS extras add up


This is my bike! I have it in blue (not really a pink kind of gal). I love it, - good sized tyres, solid, comfy saddle and so very pretty! One thing to note however, is that if you buy the basket, it sits on it's own mounted carrier, really high up and away from the handlebars. This means that it's not going to wear away the head tube over time (as none of the weight is borne by it) but it does make the bike feel a little unbalanced and the steering heavier on what is already a heavy bike.

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