PITLOCK skewers, £39, www.londonfieldscycles.co.uk

Similar in idea to the Pinhead skewers we previously tested, but offering even greater reassurance as there’s 256 different ‘Pit key’ combinations to deter thieves. Fitting is straightforward: simply remove your old skewers and insert the Pitlocks, ensuring all the washers are fitted in the correct order (the company also recommends lightly greasing the threads); then tighten the Pitlock key by hand before finishing with no more than half to one turn using a 14mm spanner. This set contains skewers for front and rear wheels only but there’s other options including seatpost pins available. Each set comes with a ‘code card’ to make reordering any lost Pit keys easier. JK

PROS anti-theft deterrent
CONS just don’t lose the key!



I got the full set of these (including seat post skewer) nearly 2 years ago. I've left the bike locked up all over town, day & night, using one D-Lock, and had no problems with bits being pinched, touch wood. Lighter, cleaner & less faff than the cable I used to use with my old bike. - Not cheap, but definitely recommended.

As Tommy says, the Pitlocks are not cheap, but if you consider the cost of replacing your stolen tubes, tyres, wheels, rim tapes and cassette, these are a total no-brainer.  If you are a commuter the time and energy saved by not having to carry an extra lock and perhaps a cable just adds to the satisfaction.

These are superior to cheaper locking skewers as they are stainless steel, virtually impossible to smash off and use the unique tool.  Whilst better than nothing, the allen and other basic skewer sets are usually simple to unscrew with a pair of pliers - be warned.

I have a set of Pitlocks and they have been no problem, but then I don't get many punctures.....

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