Plans for Embankment pale in comparision with Paris' Left Bank

photo guillaumemarchand Much of the Left Bank in Paris is to be turned into a cycling and walking zone

Long-awaited plans to install cycle facilities along the Embankment in central London have received only a tepid reception from cycle campaigners.

The plans, currently being presented for stakeholder consultation, don't provide segregation along this busy multi-lane road.

Nor do they provide a continuous non-segregated facility, with numerous coach and other parking/loading bays interrupting the advisory cycle lanes proposed for the route.

The addition of advanced stop lines and a reduction in the number of lanes in some places are likely to make some improvements to cyclist safety.

However, no road space is being allocated away from motor vehicles.

Colin Wing of Westminster Cyclists said, "The provision of off-street coach parking would release more road space for cycling."

Paris turns Left Bank into cyclist-walker only zone
The London riverside plans are in stark contrast to a proposal annnounced in Paris to remove motor traffic entirely from a mile-long section of the Left Bank of the river Seine, converting it to a walking and cycling area.

The Right Bank is also to receive traffic-calming and urban realm improvements.

Work is expected to start on the Embankment in summer 2010, with the Paris scheme in place by 2012.


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