Removal of Aldgate one-way system welcomed but condemnation for lack of safe cycling facilities

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The London Cycling Campaign has welcomed plans to remove the one-way system around Aldgate tube station, but we’re calling for much greater protection for cyclists throughout the scheme.

There’s strong concern over how the City’s plans will force cyclists to negotiate heavy motor traffic at pinch points created by police control points on St Botolph Street and Aldgate High Street.

There is space to build a high-quality segregated cycle route on St Botolph Street, linking Aldgate, Middlesex Street, and a route to London Wall. 

Transport for London’s plans for Whitechapel High Street to the east of the current one-way system do very little to protect cyclists from the very high levels of motor traffic on the inner ring road (see the Streetview above).

This location is where Cycle Superhighway 2 stops before entering the City of London.

This junction forms part of the Mayor’s Better Junctions Programme, set up in 2011 after the high-profile deaths of cyclists at Bow roundabout and other London locations.

While we welcome the removal of the Aldgate one-way system, we’re deeply concerned that unless other one-way systems between Tower Bridge and Aldgate are also removed then a safe and inviting solution for cycling is difficult or impossible to find. 

At present, removing the other one-way systems is not being addressed by the Better Junctions Programme.


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