Ride to show MPs there are people-friendly solutions to problems of road danger

Please join us on Wednesday 22 February 2012 when concerned cyclists will ride past the Palace of Westminster asking MPs to make the success of continental-standard infrastructure a key part of their Commons debate on cycling the following day.  

Cyclists are invited to meet at the Duke of York steps on The Mall (6.15pm for 6.30pm start) for a short ride to draw attention to the drastic changes needed to make London's streets truly safe and inviting for cycling and walking.

The ride on Wed 22 Feb is timed to take place the evening before the House of Commons debate on cycle safety, which is on Thursday 23 February.

Over the past fortnight, The Times newspaper has done an excellent job of highlighting the shocking number of cyclist casualties that occur on the UK's roads every year.

And last week, we launched our Love London, Go Dutch campaign (sign the petition here), which puts forward solutions for making London (and the UK) a more liveable place by adopting continental-standards of bike infrastructure.

Indeed, one of our Go Dutch street designs is for a more people-friendly Parliament Square, which includes:

  • kerbed bike lanes
  • cyclist-specific traffic signals
  • massively increased area for people on foot

However, there are concerns that the Commons debate on Thursday could be hampered by the fact that too many MPs:

  • don't cycle at all or understand the dangers of cycling in many of Britain's streets
  • have never cycled around the dangerous one-way at Parliament Square or other initimidating roads in central London
  • think reducing road danger is just about making people wear helmets or doing no more than providing cycle training

The purpose of this ride is to remind MPs of the important changes that are needed to street and junction design all over Greater London, not least at Parliament Square, which is only metres from their workplace.

Please join us on the 22nd, when we'll have a chance to highlight the fact that there are tried-and-tested solutions to the problems for cyclists and walkers in our urban areas. 

The ride

The ride is being organised and marshalled by iBikeLondon, Cyclists in the City and the London Cycling Campaign. It will be sensibly marshalled and respectful to other road users. Expect it to last around 45 minutes.

The route

The Mall (Duke of York steps) - Horseguards Parade - Parliament Square - Lambeth Bridge - Westminster Bridge - Parliament Square - Whitehall - Trafalgar Square - Admiralty Arch - The Mall


If you'd like to help out as a marshal, please email info@lcc.org.uk.



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  • By galvani at 2:40am 6 March 2016

It's a ride that's been put together with the full co-operation of the Met, it will be marshalled and is designed to give as much media coverage as possible ahead of the first Parliamentary Debate about cycling for 16 years. That's happening tomorrow.

It's got absolutely nothing to do with those nobbers (©Brian Cox) from Critical Mass.

The amount of investment in & consideration of cycling across the UK, especially when it comes to safety and the practicalities of a sensible infrastructure, is totally out of kilter with the number of people who cycle, and more importantly those who want to cycle. This is anyone who wants to get on a bike to get around were talking about here.

I'm not normally one to kick up much of a fuss, but this is something that should be of concern to anyone who rides a bike.

I actually went on one of the rides last year to protest about the utter shambles that is the redevelopment of Blackfriars Bridge in Central London. It's going to lead to the death of someone on a bike. Sad as it is to say, if they keep the current design that's a when, not an if. nanamely , kiwibox , aerithhana

  • By jigras at 5:32pm 8 March 2016

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