School travel plans

Cycling is a fun and smart way of getting to school

Increasingly schools are promoting cycling for children over 9 years old according to the Government’s ‘Travelling to school’ action plan. By cycling to school, children and parents are taking daily exercise. This has both immediate benefits, as children will be more alert for the day ahead, and long term benefits as both parents and children become healthier.

Whilst cycling to and from school children are able to socialise with other children who live locally and form connections within their community.

Contact your school to find out if they have a staff member liaising with the local council on their school travel plan. If they don't, have a look at our information on making your school better for cycling to see how you can encourage them to improve facilities.


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School Travel Planning is a comprehensive process designed to increase local ownership of Active & Safe Routes to School by engaging stakeholders that include school boards, municipal transportation planners and engineers, public health, police, parents, students and school staff. School Travel Planning undertakes research to assess the barriers to active school travel and uses this knowledge to develop and implement action plans. The involvement of local stakeholders is an important step to ensuring the sustainability of active school travel activities. Benefits include increased physical activity, reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, enhanced neighbourhood safety and a greater sense of community. best portable air conditioner

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