Serco wins contract to run London's Cycle Hire scheme

Velib Paris

photo It's expected that London's cycle hire scheme will be as successful as Paris' (above)

Serco, the company operating the Docklands Light Railway and the Woolwich Ferry, has won the contract to run London’s new bike hire scheme.

LCC has submitted detailed recommendations to Transport for London (TfL) to create a suitable cycle network to support the scheme.

The London Cycle Hire scheme will operate from 2010 and will include around 6000 bikes at 400 docking stations.

Zone one improvements are essential
Cycling development officer Charlie Lloyd said, “It's a wonderful contract for anyone to win because it's guaranteed to be profitable in the long term. It’s important to ensure the infrastructure supports the scheme, however.”

LCC is working with the cycle hire scheme on complementary measures to improve the standard of cycling facilities within the cycle hire zone.

In addition, LCC is pushing to create a basic grid of quality cycle routes, achieved by filling in gaps in the existing routes, to make London’s streets more permeable to cycling.

Six year contract guarantees profits
TfL has awarded Serco a six-year contract, with a possible two-year extension, to design, build and operate the scheme, which it expects to generate an extra 40,000 bicycle journeys per day in Central London.

Serco’s partner Metronet set up Montreal’s BIXI scheme which has 5000 bikes. Paris’s Velib scheme has 20,000.


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