Spin London – London Cycling Campaign wins 'Best Stand' award at Shoreditch festival


Standing out from an already innovative crowd, LCC’s very popular stall took first prize for Best Stand at Spin London, the urban bike show. Cycling enthusiasts jostled with clubbers as they headed for the Spin London venue in the trend setting  Truman’s Brewery in Brick Lane. Music throbbed in both the surroundings clubs and alternative bike show – even passers by celebrated.


At the award-winning LCC stand staff and volunteers coordinated the heavily contested ‘Tyre Change Time Trial.’ Professional mechanics scored some of the fastest times recording of speeds of than less that one and a half minutes. First prize in the contest was a gleaming red Genesis Flyer single speed.


The show gathered together the best London frame builders, bike makers and fashion designers. Retro fashion influenced bikes and parts as well as bags and clothing. Even the security bolts were cutting edge design.



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