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Earlier this month, Transport for London unveiled its impressive designs for two new cycle superhighways in central London. And we think they're good. Not perfect, but a major step forward in creating streets that are safe and inviting for cycling.

The plans aren't perfect. We have concerns around some of the details which we will be addressing with Transport for London. But overall, we - and others - think they could be a game changer. If these plans go ahead, it could open the door to more quality high quality cycle infrastructure in London.

If these plans go ahead, it would be a big step towards transforming London's street into spaces that are safe and inviting for cycling.

Now TfL want to know if space for cycling is what Londoners want, and it’s down to you to tell them. Others, who don't want to see this kind of Space for Cycling being created, are opposing them.

It’s essential for as many people as possible to show their support for the proposals. Without your support, the plans are at risk of being watered down, delayed – or scrapped altogether.

We’ve set up a tool to make it as easy as possible for you to support the proposals in just a few moments. (You can also take part in the consultation via the TfL website.)

Please email TfL now and show them that we want space for cycling.

Without your support, the plans are at risk of being watered down, delayed – or scrapped altogether. Please, add your voice now.


  • By lludovic at 6:48pm 12 September 2014

This cycle lane is presented as 'largely' segregated, which is an overstatement for basically an incomplete job. It's largely a great idea, works very well along the
Thames but fails on several points -most worryingly where it's most needed, such as Parliament square.
Using the elevated A404 is a bit odd too -it requires effort for cyclists to fight gravity, which means local commuters or those needing to get off where there are no
ramps will shun it. Staying at ground level is a much better option, even if it requires more work.
Finally, who wants to go to Acton? Not me certainly, has any traffic survey been undertaken? What about Hyde Park to Hammersmith and then onwards to
Putney and Richmond? Those borough have the highest proportions of cycle ownership...

Some food for thought here and esp for those who haven't answered the consultation yet. I saw it too late :-)

  • By bigpete at 9:26am 24 September 2014

I was amused to see that in his recent piece for the Times Boris piled on yet more adjectives by referring to the two proposed routes as “huge new cycle superhighways” or, as the Dutch would simply call them, “cycle paths”.

Mr Johnson clearly has his sights on higher things and doesn’t want his reputation (among the general public at least) as a “cycling champion” to be sullied.

It’s vitally important that these routes get built, and built to a high standard. Now is the time to demand the very best. 

Boris does seem to of spent the next mayors budget but hasn't even managed a white line in all the roads in st james,Pall mall , piccadilly haymarket regent st ,need i go on,even now while the Hymarket is being laid there will be no cycle line.  While on the Haymarket stay away from the left hand side and they have made a mistake and are stripping down a layer of the road which was higher than the new pavement!!!!


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