Take action: for new Cycle SuperHighway CS11

A brand new Cycle SuperHighway running from the west end to Swiss Cottage - say hello to CS11. Now take one minute's action to make sure it happens - because it's facing a lot of opposition!

The one minute action:

Click here: https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/cycling/cs-11/consultation

And answer question 1 by ticking the button to support or partially support the proposals. Then put some words into question 2. Please, please, please do take the time to change the words we're suggesting, to make your voice count. But here's our copy-and-paste version if you really have only one minute:

I support CS11 but want to see the London Cycling Campaign's proposals implemented, including: good quality, wide tracks throughout; safe, direct and timely crossings for pedestrians and cyclists; 20mph the default through the scheme; no "critical fails" on junctions according to TfL's Cycling Level of Service; safe, comfortable and convenient turns for cyclists enabled in all directions at all junctions (particularly an issue around Swiss Cottage); traffic reduction if necessary on Avenue Road; gates closed at all times in Regent's Park and speed reduction measures other than granite setts on raised tables; an improved version of option B on Portland Place - with safe space for cycling on Park Crescent and wider tracks; and finally for the scheme to be carried on beyond Swiss Cottage as a matter of urgency.

Then (and this is very important) make sure you click the "Yes" or "Partially" support button in each section, fill out the About you section, and you're done.

If you have more time, please check the plans in detail and fill in the other sections. We know there is significant pushback against this scheme, as there is with every Cycle SuperHighway, from various vested interests. So the more feedback the scheme can get from cyclists, the better chance it has of not just going in, but going in better.

Consultation closes 20 March - so please get your response in today and tell your friends!

LCC's final response to the consultation is here.


All this is incredibly complicated! I could document all the dangers I encounter in London as I cycle but it would take a life time. You are doing a great job, I love your calm commitment , I trust your judgement on all these schemes please sign my agreement for everything you do, Jon Wood.


You only have to answer the two questions in the first section of the questionnaire (marked 'required'). It shouldn't take you more than 2 mins, really. Please do that; LCC cannot sign for you because the council is required by law to count individual responses. 

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If ever there was a consultation that you simply cannot avoid CS11 is it! We are getting every petrolhead, nimby and anti cycling protester opposing the scheme and a mass response is needed to save it. So please make a few minutes available to respond to TFL. It really will make a difference

This request is slightly iniquitous. You're asking cyclists to endorse your suggestion without providing any substantial information of the proposal. I managed to find this: https://www.london.gov.uk/press-releases/mayoral/safer-cycle-access-to-a-million-more but can't find the map that is shown above. Cycle Superhighways aren't necessarilly the best thing ever, my friend in Hackney is really concerned about the way one there is being created that will increase car traffic by a local school. CS11 appears to be a good idea in principal but why on earth is anyone worried about Regents Park Outer Circle? There are large wide roads with little parking. The money could be far better spent on cycle provision elsewhere. 

  • By Brent at 9:17pm 19 March 2016

Asterbud, the map above comes from here, which is the full consultation information:


The 'displacewment' argument, that creating a Superhighway in one place will displace traffic on to other roads (which may have schools) is not a good one. If we followed this logic, we could never make high-quality cycle routes anywhere. School children will benefit more than anyone else from the independent mobility that Cycle Superhighways will allow them. In addition, traffic is not just pushed from one place to another by these schemes. These schemes get people out of cars, and reduce traffic overall. Your comment about the Outer Circle LCC completely disagrees with. We have been campaigning for the removal of through-traffic from the Outer Circle for more than a decade. It is a park, and shoulds not be a rat-run. The fast and high volumes of motor traffic on the Outer Circle at present render it a completely unsuitable environment for children cycling on their own, for example, or family cycling. That is what our campaign is about.

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