TfL tells Assembly 'Love London, Go Dutch' principles will influence Superhighway extension

Transport for London Director Ben Plowden (responsible for walking and cycling; pictured above) has told the London Assembly Transport Committee that the extension of Cycle Superhighway 2 to Stratford will be built taking account of LCC's Love London, Go Dutch principles. 

Speaking at the GLA Investigation into Cycling on Tuesday 11 September 2012, Plowden committed to completing CS2 in 2013 and revealed that TfL has seconded a Danish infrastucture expert to share expertise with street planners in London.

Watch the session here

LCC was pleased the committee accepted our advice to invite cycling experts from the successful overseas cycling nations.

Cycling experts from the Netherlands and Denmark explained how better infrastructure for cycling and walking can solve urban congestion and reduce road danger.

We've put together some of our live tweets and your responses.

Present at the GLA session were:

  • Roelof Wittink, Director of Dutch Cycling Embassy
  • Steffen Rasmussen, Head of Traffic Design, Copenhagen
  • Dr Rachel Aldred, Director, University of East London
  • Karen Dee, Director of Policy, Freight Transport Association
  • Ben Plowden, Director of Planning, Surface Transport, TfL

Roelef Wittink of the Dutch Cycling Embassy said London needed to ask why so many short trips are not taken by bicycle, and to make these trips more attractive.  

Steffen Rasmussen from Copenhagen explained how they had made it pleasant and advantageous to take short trips by bicycle, not by car, emphasising the place for segregation between bikes and motor traffic in reducing crashes.

Rachel Aldred gave an assured and articulate performance, emphasising the importance of learning from countries that do cycling well.

Karen Dee of the FTA opposed compulsory cyclist-awareness training for drivers, claiming that it wasn't necessary partly because some lorry drivers never drive on roads where people cycle.

LCC chief executive Ashok Sinha appeared before the first session of the GLA scrutiny on cycling in July, saying that a lack of political will is London's greatest barrier to cycling.

Or campaigns team submitted our 24-page response to the Transport Committee on 12 August, which can be downloaded here.


Promising, but what about the rest of it? Will the Ilford-Stratford part be based on Love London, go Dutch principles and then spit you out onto the existing, laughably poor, provision with a metaphorical cry of "sorry, love, you're on your own?" Because that would be a bit ridiculous.

  • By BarryK at 7:28am 15 September 2012

I used the "FTA contact the management team" form on their website to ask Karen Dee to provide some statistics on the proportion of Lorry drivers that never drive on roads where people cycle. I'm awaiting her response.

Re CS2, I used to use this nearly every day but take a different route (LCN Route 8) which is longer but a lot safer. Making the CS2 extension to an appropriate standard won't tempt me back until they sort the whole route out. The existing CS2 is a joke.

  • By Alison at 12:58pm 15 September 2012

Extraordinary statement from Karen Dee. So what do lorries do when they leave motorways to get to their destinations. Fly? It's this kind of view that shows how truely ignorant some people are of the grave dangers that face cyclists on a daily basis. Laughable comment - if it weren't so tragic.

Alison Johnston


Please post an update if you hear back from the FTA. Their slogan is 'Delivering safe, efficient, sustainable logistics' but their message doesn't seem to back this up.

  • By Tomm at 9:12am 19 March 2015

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