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A quick breakdown of what's covered:

Get involved

Here you'll find information on LCC membership, benefits of which include free third party insurance, discounts in bike shops across London* and maintenance classes, London Cyclist magazine delivered to your door every two months, free legal advice and more. You can also find links to contact information for your local group, and find out what Rides and Events are coming up. There's also information on how you can help LCC by volunteering at the office, and information on any vacant posts at the LCC office.

*Please note that all offers and discounts are made to members entirely at the discretion of the third-party supplier, from which we do not gain or have any control.

What we do

This section covers everything from membership to campaigns, to working with businesses and communities, and this very section on information provision. In the campaigns section you can learn about our recent and current campaigns, and read about key campaigning issues which affect all cyclists such as infrastructure and cycle routes. Our working with communities section shows you how to apply for a grant for a project designed to get your community cycling, and includes case studies of past projects. The working with businesses section covers everything from how to get started on making your business cycle-friendly to our corporate affiliation scheme, as well as how and why cycle audits can help you. This section describes how LCC works to make cycling information accessible to everyone through our information provision online and offline.


Our news section covers cycling-related news across the capital. It's another place where you can find out about our latest campaigns and events, as well as London-wide news on developments in the cycling world, events that we think you might like and cycling achievements.


Covering London route maps, seasonal tips, getting started, buying a bike, cycling to work, cycle training, cycle maintenance, cycle sense, cycle security, cycle parking, cycling with children, transporting your bicycle, what to do if you are in a collision, leisure cycling, cycle hire, cycling and the workplace, and All Abilities cycling. Phew! You can also find downloads of our 12 information leaflets on the advice page and on the relevant subject pages, plus downloads of cycle parking suppliers, cycle hire shops, second hand bike shops and more.

About us

Here you can find out about the organisational structure of LCC, how we got started, our aims, vision and mission, and how we achieve these. You can also read about our Annual General Meetings and any other important meetings.

If you can't find anything on our website, just give us a call or send us an email. We'll be happy to help, and it helps us to make our site more user-friendly.


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