Transport for London Blackfriars design looks pretty but sadly the beauty is only skin deep

This is the street layout that Transport for London is implementing at present.

It's very similar to what was there previously, and does nothing to address the major concerns of cyclists:

  • turning right into Queen Victoria Street means you have to ride across lanes of fast-moving traffic. This is the kind of manoeuvre that even experienced cyclists dread, and a prominent GP was seriously hurt in this area earlier this year.
  • The bike lanes are narrow, discontinuous, and unprotected. They do very little to add to the feeling of safety that many cyclists crave. In short, they're not enough to grow cycling beyond a hardcore minority who are willing jockey for position with motorists.
  • The area of green space is surrounded on all sides by fast-moving traffic, negating the positive aspects.

Overall, this layout clearly prioritises motor vehicles at the expense of cycling and walking, and will do nothing to bring about the desired increases in cycling set by the Mayor and Transport for London.

See our proposals for a new Blackfriars.

And sign up for the flashride on Wednesday.


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