Transport for London posters must educate lorry drivers as well as cyclists

photo Transport for London's poster doesn't make lorry drivers sufficiently responsible for their actions


Recent attempts to increase awareness of lorry danger among cyclists by Transport for London have been welcomed, but there's concern the latest posters (above) put too much emphasis on 'blind spots'.

LCC says that properly skilled drivers with the right awareness of cyclists and pedestrians can use their mirrors when turning to avoid putting vulnerable road users at risk. 

Communications officer Mike Cavenett said, "Turning a lorry safely in a city requires care and vigilance. However, performed at a safe speed, with the correct use of mirrors, drivers should be able to see other road users all around their lorry. If they can't, they should not proceed."

"Our research has identified the most dangerous place for cyclists to be [see above]. Our message to cyclists is stay out of the risk zone at the front-left of the lorry. This is where most crashes happen."


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The article shows an existing lorry (one of the safer designs currently on the street), and explains how it could be vastly improved to pose less of a threat to vulnerable road users.  

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