'Two Tings' towpaths campaign launched

Enjoying the towpaths Credit: Adrian Lewis

Friday 4th May saw the launch of the British Waterways ‘Two Tings’ campaign, which aims to make towpaths safer for everyone.

The campaign promotes a ‘code of conduct’ for towpath users, encouraging cyclists to use a bell and ring it twice when approaching a pedestrian, to pass people slowly and to ride at a sensible speed, and also encouraging pedestrians to listen for cyclists’ bells and to allow cyclists room to pass.

The campaign follows a series of physical works to improve safety on the Regent’s Canal, including a widening of the path between Islington Tunnel and Mile End; installing mirrors on tight bends at bridges; chicane barriers to keep speeds down and ‘give way’ markings and signs near bridges.

The ‘Two Tings’ campaign comes after local residents voiced their concerns about inconsiderate behaviour from some towpath users. Parents and children from Hanover Primary School in Islington have been organising ‘walk to school’ events to keep kids safe on the towpath.

The launch event was put on by British Waterways with the support of LCC local groups Hackney Cyclists and ICAG (Islington Cyclists Action Group). Leaflets and stickers were given out, along with coffee, cake and free bicycle bells for cyclists without bells.

The event was attended by Emily Thornberry, MP for South Islington and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, and Murad Qureshi, GLA member for the Green Party with responsibility for environmental issues, and George Allan of Islington Council. Local police and the local Neighbourhood Watch Team were also in attendance.

This was the first of a series of awareness-raising events to encourage considerate behaviour on the towpaths. There are other events planned for the future: follow the link on the right for more information.


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