New shop discount for LCC members

Racer Rosa
photo Bike by Racer Rosa

Racer Rosa, is a new outfit in Waltham Forest offering custom-built bikes, ethically assembled and sourced.

The company’s ethos is all about building bikes in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Frames are ordered handmade to measure from Italy to fit the rider and riding style and all parts are sourced second-hand or from European manufacturers who don’t outsource their production.

The team also offer a bike reconditioning service. Any old and unused frames are welcome and Racer Rosa will work to turn your old bike into a well-fitted one suited to your cycling needs.

Racer Rosa is offering a 10% discount* for all LCC members between now and Christmas.

For a complete list of all bike shops offering discounts to LCC members, click here.

*Please note: These offers are made to LCC members entirely at the discretion of the third party supplier, from which LCC do not gain or have any control


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