Using cycle facilities

Use cycle lanes if you feel it is convenient or safer Credit: Adrian Lewis

Cycle lanes, bus lanes and cycle paths

Cycle lanes are often created to encourage cycling in certain areas or along busy roads that may have previously been difficult to negotiate. Cycle lanes with unbroken white lines are for the sole use of cyclists.

Some cycle lanes have been designed in such a way that they encourage cyclists to ride near the kerb or close to parked cars where the risk of collision is higher. You do not have to use such lanes. In some cases you may find parked vehicles obstructing cycle lanes.

Use cycle lanes if you feel it is convenient or safer. Otherwise use the road space in the same way you would if there was no cycle lane.

Cycle tracks/paths

Cycle considerately on cycle paths on pavements Credit: Adrian Lewis

Many cycle paths on footpaths and through parks will be for shared use with pedestrians. Remember that pedestrians have priority on such paths and you should cycle considerately.

Bus lanes

Bus lanes can be used if signposted for shared use. They may also be shared with powered two wheelers and taxis and at certain times of day other motor vehicles may use them as well.

Be careful when using bus lanes. Avoid passing the bus on the pavement side as the driver will not be able to see you easily and may pull into the kerb without warning.

Advanced stop lines

Advanced stop lines (ASLs), or bike boxes, allow you to stop in front of other traffic at traffic lights. This means that when the traffic light turns to green you can start off ahead of other traffic. They consist of a green or red box with a bicycle painted on it. Some have a feeder lane running up to them.

Motorists are required to stop at the solid white line at the rear of this box. Not all motorists obey this regulation. If a motorist does stop on the box, pull up alongside the stationary vehicle and try to make eye contact with the driver. Be careful in case the motorist turns left unexpectedly.



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