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LCC Press Release - 2nd December 2004

Tom Bogdanowicz, campaigns manager at LCC said: “The Mayor is right to say that there is a shortage of good cycle parking facilities in London – Councils should increase the amount of cycle parking instead of seeking more powers to remove bikes.”  “We are firmly opposed to this damaging legislation and we are glad to have the Mayor’s support as we campaign against it.”

Cycling has soared in London in recent years (up 23% in spring 2004 according to TfL) and so has bicycle theft (up 22% in 2003/04 according to the Metropolitan Police). Many London boroughs acknowledge that they do not have enough cycle parking stands. In large parts of London street railings are the only objects to which a cycle can be attached.

Under the proposed London Local Authorities and Transport for London Bill, sponsored by London Boroughs and TfL, Councils will be able to remove any cycles in the vicinity of posted notices where,  in their opinion,  bikes are a 'nuisance' or offend against ‘good management of the highway.‘ Bike owners whose bikes are taken may think their bikes have been stolen and not claim them back. Under the proposals Councils would not be liable for damaging locks which can cost up to a £100 each. But Councils would have to employ staff to remove bikes. Buying and installing a bike stand for two bikes costs just £100.

London’s Mayor has a target of a 200% increase in cycling in London. Increased cycle use benefits all Londoners by reducing congestion and pollution and improving health.

Tom Bogdanowicz, Campaigns Manager, London Cycling Campaign.


Mayor’s letter to the Times and Evening Standard

“Given the current shortage of good cycle parking facilities in London,  I do not agree with the clause in the London Local Authorities Bill  giving boroughs greater powers to remove bikes chained to lampposts
and railings. I will be seeking its removal (Councils to impound badly  parked bicycles, November 29).
(Law targets nuisance bikes, 29 November)

This reflects my commitment to make London more bicycle-friendly, including increasing funding for cycle parking spaces and providing safer cycle routes.”

The London Local Authorities and Transport for Bill was deposited in Parliament on 26 Nov 2004. Removal of cycles is covered in section 35 on page 37.

The London Cycling Campaign is the largest urban cycling campaign in the world. There are 650,000 regular cycle users in London.  LCC's vision is a world class cycling city. LCC works to improve cycling in London and also provides services to its members, including:

  • Free third party insurance


  • Discounts in lots of London bike shops (Please note that all offers and discounts are made to members entirely at the discretion of the third-party supplier, from which we do not gain or have any control.)


  • Access to theft insurance


  • Free cycle-friendly legal advice


  • Free London Cyclist magazine


  • Leisure rides, social events and campaigns


  • A growing network of busy and welcoming local groups

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