Westfield Stratford cements reputation as the worst designer of cycle lanes in London

It’s hard to believe that anyone could have designed, built or approved the latest cycle lane disasters at the new Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, East London (see photos above and below).

The shopping giant has already been embarrassed, not once, but twice by a flawed cycle track with concrete cobbles every 20 metres, and another sorry example with a car parking sign and a utility box in the middle of it.

The latter caused hoots of derision when a typically Westfield non-solution was installed a few weeks later (in case you missed it).

Instead of removing the previous disasters, the planners at Westfield have now installed another cycle track with both cobbles and a road sign in the middle, presumably to improve cyclists' slalom skills (see photo above).

London Assembly Member Andrew Boff told us that such poor cycle facilities were "an embarrassment". 

You can visit the new track at the end of Westfield Avenue, but you won’t be able to travel further because the road beyond is off limits to cyclists and pedestrians due to "increased security" around the Olympic Park.  

One-metre cycle lanes are still being installed?

To add to the embarrassment, there's a new on-road cycle lane that’s just one metre wide in Warton Road (see photo below), which leads from Stratford High Street to the shopping centre, contravening all recommendations on width from in Department for Transport guidance and the London Cycling Design Standards.

You’d think that if the road builders could barely squeeze in the picture of a bicycle in the lane, they would might notice something is wrong with the design.

To compound cyclists' misery, this lane ends at a junction where walkers and cyclists using the cycle/pedestrian crossings can wait for as long as two minutes to turn right even though the road is near empty.

On the other side of Warton Road, you'll also find a cycle track that spews cyclists out straight into the path of passing traffic.

And don't forget the bike lane that stops in the middle of a roundabout.

It's extraordinary that the bike routes around Westfield can be this badly designed: this is supposed to be a flagship project that will form part of the ‘sustainable legacy’ of the Olympics.

Please sign our petition for Dutch-standard bike lanes

We're calling on all the mayoral candidates to make London more liveable by making our streets as safe and inviting for cycling as those in Holland.

Please take a second to sign our petition to make it clear to the next mayor that cyclists won’t settle for such appalling facilites.

Our campaigns team has also written to Westfield's transport director highlighting the problems of the cycle routes and the lack of signage. 


Does LCC know who the road engineers/designers are? I feel it's time to really let the world know how to point fingers at and say 'not good enough'

This is just typical of cycle lane implementations in London and the complete lack of undertanding of the different type of lanes recommended.

The biggest problem is that engineers and councillors do not appreciate that an advisory lane is just that, advisory. They see them as mandatory and therefore try and squeeze them in so that traffic has enough room between them and the centre line.

I feel ashamed when engineers make these proposals and councillors agree them. Havering Cyclists consistently campaign for 2m cycleways with a minimum of 1.5 metres as this is the agreed standard.

I always though engineers were professional people who followed guidelines, apparently not so for cycle lanes.

  • By Seanino at 7:21pm 30 March 2012

NAME 'em, cane 'em!

Seriously, lets find out the names of the companies involved and start highlighting peoples lack of professional standards. Architects put their names to buildings. Let us start the process. Pressure on planners, engineers and councils

  • By egles at 8:18am 11 April 2012
How do I get to those lanes? This morning I decided to cycle to Stratford station from hackney and was greeted with a no entry signs for bicycles and pedestrians all around the site and according to people that work there the roads belong to Olympic park and their roads are not set up to accomodate cyclists or pedestrians. And I thought they would take cyclists needs slightly more seriously it is 2012, oh how wrong I was. If anyone could tell me how to get to westfields on a bike from hackney I would really appreciate it as this morning I really did have the worst cycle journey yet..........

The entry road leading from the A12 Lea Interchange is horrible

  • By Tomm at 9:48pm 18 March 2015

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