Westfield Stratford fast earning reputation for having the worst cycle lanes in London

Not content with erecting road signs in the middle of bike lanes outside its new shopping centre in (see photo below), Westfield Stratford now has a track with cobbles dotted along its entire length (above).

The concrete cobbles in Westfield Avenue extend from under-tree paving into a whole lane of the new cycle track.

Uneven surfaces can be dangerous to cyclists, especially those carrying shopping or children, and in wet weather.

There are also questions as to how the surface will be maintained when the tree roots grow and dislodge cobbles.

Lack of continuity

Another new lane in Mountfitchet Road makes cyclists stop for a minor access road and has a series of road signs and other obstructions placed in the middle of the lane. An extension of that lane leaves cycle users stranded in the middle of a roundabout.

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, next door to Westfield’s, is expected to be a showcase of sustainable development.

If any of the provision for cyclists matches the embarrassingly poor standards evident outside Westfield, a huge opportunity to create a Dutch-style cycling and walking environment will have been lost.

The obstructed lanes in Stratford have made a laughing stock of local planners, and have attracted the attention of London Assembly members and the media.

Local authorities and the Olympic Delivery Authority need to take urgent action to remedy the basic design errors and ensure all future cycle provision in the area is radically improved as the development moves forward.

Go Dutch principles

We recently published our Go Dutch campaign principles, which stress the importance of continuity and good surfacing for bike lanes.

Our principles are based on best practice from Europe's most successful cycling nation, the Netherlands.


Bloody hell, so even when developers get a "clean slate" they still can't do it properly? This is an embarassment!


Why don't they try fitting sections of small speed humps or putting metal pillars up in the middle of the dual carriageway? Oh I know why, because the motorists would go apesh!t! Yet they think it's acceptable to do the exactly that to cyclists....

Perhaps even more importantly - how do you get to the Westfield centre from bow flyover.  There have been some updates in the London Cyclist magazine recently but I'm still not clear about how one actually gets to the station and the shopping centre.  The duel carriageway from Bow flyover to Stratford is extremely dangerous, I for one refuse to cycle along it and use the pavement (the police man who was speed gunning traffic said - 'I don't blame you').  Am I missing something is there another way??



  • By emersonp at 12:54am 12 November 2011

Further to the reply above - how do you get to Westfield without a car at all? From Hackney Wick, Leyton or Leytonstone the approach roads on Westway and Leyton Road are marked as no cyclists and no predestrians.

Westfield allegedly offers 1180 bicycle spaces onsite - but no obvious method of reaching them.

Could not agree more! I have recently moved to the area and I am a keen cyclist. It has the worst cycle lanes ever ! I cycle into Stratford from East London-Shoreditch, Bow etc and have encountered a very narrow cycle lane that leads into a car lane (from Bow Church passed the Bow Arts Trust on my left), there is a turning on the left that takes you to the main motor way. It is LETHAL !!!!! need I say that there has also been a FATAL ACCIDENT at that turning ?! It's horrendous !. Once crossed that major junction SAFELY I have to cycle on the pavement all the way towards Stratford as there is no cycle lane and it really is just TOO dangerous to cycle on the road. There are massive trucks, cargo, vans and terrible drivers. Other cyclists (there are few) cycle on the pavement from and to Straford for the same reasons. I think that the cyclists are doing this to prove a point and to highlight the fact that we need priorities and safer routes to and from town.



Please help.


Thank you

Boycott Westfield shopping centres. Please make it known thro all your facebook contacts, twitter and blogs that if people boycott all Westfield shopping centres they might listen to our needs. Declining sales is the only time Westfield will take notice of the outside world. Their only interest is to increase sales. Hit them in their hip-pocket.  

  • By bikeE at 7:42pm 14 November 2011

I cycled to Westfield from East India and when I got there asked where the bike parking was. I was directed by staff to the outside of the centre, where I was told by a security guard that I was 'allowed to lock my bike on the railings'. I then asked where the official bike parking was as I wanted to lock my bike securely and was directed on a long route to a car park - no cycle locks in sight. I asked a member of staff in the car park where the bike parking was and he directed me to a concrete space with no bike stands on where some motorbikes where standing. I looked around for staff but there were none. I ended up locking my bike to a trolley stand in a corner, so it wouldn't get hit by a passing car. When I went in to the centre I talked to staff at the information desk to check that my bike wouldn't be removed... they went to check and then told me that I had 'gone into the wrong car park, the bike parking is in the other one'. When I asked if my bike would be left where I locked it by Westfield staff, I was told that no, they couldn't guarantee that and that if I wanted to park it properly, I could go and unlock it, cycle all the way back along the entry roads around the edge of the shopping centre, then along what sounded like a bit of a motorway, and lock it in the other car park!!!

They obviously don't give a hoot about catering for bikes and haven't even briefed any of their staff on where the cycle parking is and how to get to it. There is absolutely no signage anywhere either. Why on earth aren't there bike racks outside on the street level where the shop fronts/casino restaurants are? That would be a perfect place for bike parking, public, where the security guards are and under the gaze of CCTV. Cyclists don't want to take more time to ride around in a massive circle in order to get into a deserted unstaffed underground car park. Unfortunately I don't think cyclists buoycotting Westfield is going to make a dent in its profits. This is a pathetic state of affairs and is a sad example of how major new developments are allowed to put poor cycle facilities in as a tokenistic gesture. It's also an example of how the unstoppable machine that is the olympics is encouraging supposed faciliites for the public to be hastily designed and pushed through, all for a bit more profit and without any thought about how they are going to serve locals in the long term.   

  • By jools at 4:43pm 8 March 2012

Complete joke. They say we are the laughing stock of Europe and you can see why from this.

Looking at the TFL cycling map for 'Olympic Park and surrounding area' the connections between any routes and Stratford are appalling - I can't see a route from Lea Valley that goes east towards Stratford City  at all, but the map is dated until Spring 2012 so I'm hoping that some cross-park routes might appear on a new edition soon!

  • By Tomm at 8:38pm 17 March 2015

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